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What Makes The Best Urban Commuter Scooter?

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When you own an urban commuter scooter, you will never be stuck in traffic again. Also, looking for an expensive inner-city parking space is a thing of the past. But what makes the best urban commuter scooter?

There are many electric scooters to choose from right now, so it can be tricky to pick the best one for you. If you have decided to use one for getting to work, you want the best one for the job, and not to inadvertently buy something that doesn’t fit your needs.

In this post, we will go through the characteristics you need to look out for in the perfect electric scooter for urban commuting.

Consider The Scooter’s Weight

When choosing an urban commuter scooter, you should take note of how much it weighs. If you don’t need to carry it very often, the weight of your electric scooter may not be much of a concern. But, if you need to carry it on to public transport, or up and down many flights of stairs, you won’t want anything too heavy.

Another aspect of an electric scooter’s weight is more related to the weight of the rider. Scooters have a weight limit, so make sure you get one that is suitable for your weight, plus the weight of a backpack.

To give you an idea of what to expect, typically, an urban commuter scooter with a 350W motor will weigh about 36lb/16kg. They will roughly carry a maximum weight of up to 220lb/100kg, which is sufficient for most people.

Increased Portability Is A Huge Advantage

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Many electric scooters are foldable, as the handlebar hinges where it attaches to the deck. Foldable scooters are much easier to handle as they are very portable.

If you buy a foldable electric scooter, you will find it much easier to carry on to buses and trains. But their compact size also makes them effortless to store. You can easily stash one under your bed, in a locker, or under your desk at work. 

In addition to this, you can fit it in the trunk of your car easily, so you can take it with you on weekend trips away. However, many people park their cars close to their workplace and use their scooters to travel those last few miles.

Check How Far It Can Go On a Single Charge

There is no point in buying an electric scooter that runs out of charge halfway to your work. Therefore, you need to ensure that your new scooter can at least complete your journey to work by seeing that it has a sufficient range. But, the profile of your trip may affect the range of your battery. For example, if your journey has lots of steep hills, your scooter will use more battery power. Therefore, make sure you take this into account, and buy a scooter with a more extended range than you typically need.

Your range will be affected by how you ride your scooter too. If you ride at full throttle all the way to work, your battery will deplete much quicker. So, you will be able to extend your range by taking it easy. 

In addition to its range, you should see how long it takes to fully recharge your electric scooter’s battery. You may be able to charge your urban commuter scooter at work so you can make it home again at the end of the day.

There are many scooters on the market with small batteries. These charge very quickly, but their range is limited. Commuter scooters with larger batteries will travel further between charges, but they are much heavier and more difficult to carry. There will always be a trade-off, but you need to find the best balance between range, charging time, and portability.

How Fast Do You Want To Go?

Riding any urban commuter scooter will get you to your destination quickly. You will travel faster than most other modes of urban transport. You can buy scooters for urban commuting that reach up to 40 kph. However, most urban commuter scooter’s top speed is 20mph.

20mph may not sound that fast, but when you compare your speed with the cars crawling through traffic, there is a significant difference. Therefore, you won’t actually need to hit top speed very often. Also, if the roads are busy or the weather is terrible, you probably won’t want to go that fast.

Take Note Of The Electric Scooter’s Power

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The size of your new scooter’s motor makes a difference in how much power it has and how fast it can go.

An electric scooter with a large motor will be faster and have more power than one with a smaller motor. However, just like a larger battery, it will make it heavier and less portable.

The best urban commuter scooter will have enough power to get you up hills easily and accelerate quickly to get you through traffic safely. You should be looking for a scooter with at least a 250W motor. However, if you live in a particularly hilly area, you may need a scooter with a more powerful motor. But you will find even a scooter with a 500W motor will slow down on hills.

Check Out The Electric Scooter’s Design And Construction

Urban commuter scooters can be made from several different materials. You can expect them to have a deck made from wood, plastic, metal, or composite. 

What your scooter is made from will determine its durability. Also, the scooter’s components, such as the brakes and tires, should be constructed of high-quality materials that can withstand the punishing urban environment.

Everyone wants to arrive at their destination in style with a good-looking scooter. However, if the choice boils down to a sexy scooter or one with great components, choose a scooter with better components and features. Looking past the first impression, it gives you and examining its materials will be better for you in the long run.

Look Into The Wheel Types And Brakes Available To You

Riding an electric scooter with inflatable tires will give you a smoother ride. The disadvantage of this is that inflatable tires run the risk of getting a puncture. Therefore, you may want to choose a scooter with puncture-resistant solid tires.

When it comes to brakes, you can buy scooters with different types. Electric or regenerative foot brakes, drum brakes, and disc brakes are all popular.

Disc brakes are the most reliable while being the most effective, making them the most popular for urban commuter scooters. However, electric brakes on scooters need zero maintenance and work well when combined with a foot brake.

Consider The Features Important To You

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The best urban commuter scooter will have a range of additional features. For example, you may want to choose one with a lighting system for riding in low-light conditions. Being visible in the dark is a serious safety concern. Therefore, look for a scooter that has bright LED headlights and taillights.

Your new scooter should have an easy-to-read display on the handlebars. The display gives you essential information, such as your speed, mode, and how much range you have left in your battery. If your display is cluttered or not brightly lit enough, you can miss out on important information. In addition to this, you could encounter a hazard in the road while you try to make out what your display is telling you.

Another feature you may not have thought important is a kickstand. These are very useful if you are making short visits or just running into a shop. Kickstands mean you don’t have to lie your scooter down on the ground, causing a trip hazard while getting it dirty.

Although your primary concerns for buying an urban commuter scooter are speed, power, weight, and reliability, you will want one that looks good. If you arrive to work on something that looks bad or like a toy, you won’t look very professional. Therefore, a scooter with a sophisticated look to it will ensure that you don’t give off the wrong impression.

You will see that some electric scooters are fitted with suspension. Suspension smooths out your ride while giving you more grip on rough surfaces. If your commute includes river paths, cobbled streets, or uneven roads, a scooter with suspension may be an excellent choice for you. However, be aware that suspension components make a scooter heavier and will require a little more maintenance.

As an alternative to suspension, pay attention to the wheels. Inflatable tires or tires with special shock-absorbing capabilities may suit your commute perfectly.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best urban commuter scooter to suit your needs, you have to consider these factors. However, most of the time, your budget is the main limiting factor. It is best to consider your budget first and work from there. Then you can balance the specifications and features that suit you best.

But commuting with an electric scooter is much cheaper and better for the environment than driving or using public transport. It is also much faster, especially in very busy cities. Check out our fantastic rides to see which one meets your needs.


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