The quality and the kind of riding experience you want to have an impact on the type of e-Bike you would want to purchase in the future. Electric bikes are usually more expensive than their non-electric cousins. This is because there are far more engineering designs that go into manufacturing and producing an e-Bike. Consider the electronics, battery, motor, etc that cost more to produce than the normal parts you can see and get to experience from an average bike.


How much is an e-Bike?

Electric bikes are usually priced at around $600 to a whopping $40,000. This price range depends on the type of technology used to produce it, like the material used for the frame, the components, the motor, and the battery among other things.

If you are to use an e-Bike for quick jaunts, there are cheaper options you can spend on rather than the one you’ll need for a daily commute. If you are a sporty person, electric road bikes (e-road) and electric mountain bikes (e-MTB) are available for you that are made from more durable parts like stronger body frames, batteries that can last more than a thousand charge cycles, fatter tires, and more powerful motors.

Bike enthusiasts wouldn’t mind spending more than $5,000 on an e-Bike if it meant getting the highest levels of quality of their e-Bike’s motor power, the perfect weight, range, brake system, and all the electronics that require the latest technology to produce. There are e-MTB and e-road bikes that are built with expensive frames made of carbon or with a combination of carbon and alloy, but the most common in the market is a full alloy frame.

Things to consider before buying an e-Bike


The performance and power of an electric bike’s motor are very important in knowing the total cost of the bike. Apparently, the better the motor capacity, the more expensive the bike will be. It is safe to say that power is the number one factor when it comes to the motor’s price tag.

Standard e-Bike motors usually have a power rating of 250 watts and it goes up to 750 watts. Typically, higher rated motors are more responsive and provide a more adaptable motorized riding experience because it yields more power than those with lower ratings.

The decision of whether to get a more powerful motor depends on what type of riding experience you want and on what kind of terrain. You may want to consider paying a bit more money if you are to ride your e-Bike on extreme terrains rather than just going around the city.

e-Bike Components

Before purchasing an e-Bike, it is very important to match the quality of components to the type of riding you are planning to do. This will help you get a reliable and efficient bike that will limit the need for future repairs.

If you only plan to use your e-Bike exclusively on well-paved streets to go to work or run errands, then you don’t need to pay more on e-Bike components that are specifically designed for rugged terrain. An example would be choosing the suspension forks of your bike, more expensive suspension forks are stronger, more stable, and will respond to changes in terrain more swiftly and smoothly than the cheaper ones. But of course, you won’t be needing that if you don’t plan off-road riding every day, right?


The same as the motor power, the type of battery used on your electric bike is one determining factor to know how expensive a bike is. Most e-Bikes in the market today are equipped with a rechargeable lithium-type battery. This type of battery usually lasts up to 800 – 1000 charge cycles and can perform a potential range between 20 – 50 miles per charge depending on the riding conditions.

The more potential range and the more charge cycles it can accommodate, the more expensive the battery gets.


The cost of an electric bike also depends on the actual material used to manufacture and produce the frame. High-quality bike frames are made out of lighter, more durable, and stronger metal alloys, some are even made of carbon or carbon mixed with alloy. Meanwhile, low-quality bike frames are built from heavier and less durable materials.

You must put into consideration that you need to invest in a high-quality bike frame since it is the one that is holding the entire bicycle together. It connects all the components of the bike. In that sense, a frame that is sturdy, lightweight, and reliable is the way to go. Not only will this provide you a better riding experience but will provide you comfort knowing that you can depend on its durability.

The most practical foldable e-Bike

Foldable electric bikes are very convenient. Not only does it give you the advantage of bringing it with you anywhere, but it would also allow you to have a spacious living space as you can store these bikes almost anywhere you want.

ADO A16 is priced at $800, it is an ultra-compact bike that is foldable, lightweight, and has an impressive motor, battery, and electronics system. This bike is so reliable that it is perfect for any member of the family, boat owners, campers, commuters, and city dwellers who want to get a practical e-bike to do quick errands or just basically go around town. This e-Bike has an efficient powertrain which supplies a maintenance-free motor. Its battery is removable and can be fully charged for 5 hours either when it’s attached to the bike or when removed. ADO A16’s power system is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain shifter which provides reliable and accurate gear shifting.

The best commuter e-bike

A flat-bar style e-Bike that’s easy to hop on and hop off when you arrive at your destination. You can expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 to over $3,000 to buy the perfect electric bike for your daily commute.

Some e-Bikes are not well-designed and complicated, and most times, we would think that we need an e-Bike with a powerful motor and the biggest batteries to help us get to and from work every day. But there are simpler e-Bikes that can provide the most efficient way of commuting daily to and from work.

The best example of this e-Bike would be the Himo C6, priced at $1,300. This bike is simple and functional at the same time. It is very versatile as it is not only suitable for city streets but for off-road and mountain trails, too.

The best e-MTB

Electric mountain bikes that are designed for racers and bike enthusiasts can cost somewhere between $5,000 up to $10,000.

The best e-MTB that you can purchase will depend on the kind of mountain biking or trail riding that you are planning to do. If you are only planning to ride off-road trails occasionally, then it is unnecessary to shell out money for high-performance shocks and suspension forks or even invest in the most expensive bike components.

Some e-MTBs are less than $5,000 that can deliver pure trail performance. The Haibike AllMtn 3 has an aluminum frame that was engineered with fully revised geometry and kinematics. The performance of this e-MTB’s suspension will help you master even the most complicated terrain. You can have this one for $4,300.


The best way to determine which e-Bike is good for you is to first acknowledge the kind of riding that you want to do, on which terrain, and how often are you going to use your e-Bike. You must also consider the maintenance you are willing to do at home.

Decide on the type of e-Bike you want, certainly, there are different kinds of e-Bikes in different categories. It is good to look for reputable brands that have the feature you need may it be for commuter e-Bike, eMTB, and e-road bikes.


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