Best Long Range Electric Scooters

The Best Long Range Electric Scooters You Can Buy in 2022

If you’re wondering which is the best long range electric scooter for adults to buy in 2022, look no more! In this guide, we’ll cover the longest range electric scooters that can cover the LONGEST distances, thanks to their extensive battery life!

The range of an electric scooter is one of the most important factors to take into consideration before making a purchase. It dictates how long your rides are going to be, how the battery holds up over long distances, and the overall performance of your e-scooter.

And that’s exactly why we’ve decided to bring you this guide on the best long range scooters. We’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about e scooter range, including the top 5 longest range electric scooters to buy in 2022, so just read on!

What Factors Affect Electric Scooters Range?

Electric scooters have progressed a lot from their early days. The models that are coming out now are astronomically superior to the older ones. The main reason behind that is the continual progress of internal circuitry and ever-improving mechanical parts that go into making the longest range electric scooter.

Before we get into discussing the best long range electric scooters in the market, it’s best to explore what factors define the range in the first place. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Power Train

The power train of an electric scooter is perhaps the most crucial defining factor of its range. Basically, the power train is the inbuilt mechanism that generates power and transfers it to the wheels of your electric scooter. There are definitely other factors, but the power train particularly is at the very heart of any longest range electric scooter.

In short, a power train consists of the controller, battery, and engine of an e-scooter. We’ll go into detail about each of those components.

Z10x - The Best Long Range Electric Scooters You Can Buy in 2022
Futura Z10X

a. Battery

Batteries are responsible for making electric scooters electric. The battery of the longest range scooter has to be top-notch both in terms of how long it lasts and how much energy it provides. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common and the best type of batteries you’ll find in electric scooters. 

The two main things to watch out for is the battery’s energy rating, which in other words is the amount of energy it can output. The second is the discharge rate. This characteristic defines how long a fully charged e-scooter battery will last in terms of hours. For instance, a C5 battery will exhaust all its energy in five hours.

Lithium-ion batteries usually offer great energy ratings and a C5 or C10 battery will give your e scooter a great traveling distance.

b. Engine

Next in line is the engine. You can have all the electrical energy in the world with a perfect battery, but without a good engine to convert it into mechanical energy, you won’t be getting too far.

Most of the longest range electric scooters usually only feature one electric motor mounted on the wheel. Why? Because one motor is enough to propel you and your electric scooter forward with little to no trouble.

The power rating of an electric motor decides how efficient it is. The efficiency of an engine is a good way to compare different long range electric scooters. The lower the power rating, the higher the efficiency.

c.  Engine Controller

Finally, there is the engine controller that works to bridge the gap between the battery and the engine. The controller is essentially just a circuit that controls the amount of power flowing through your scooter’s engine thus controlling the speed. 

Furthermore, the controller has software that takes into consideration various additional parameters such as the temperature, current power consumption, battery life, and much more. So, it’s almost like the brain of the longest range electric scooter. 

longest distance & longest battery electric scooter
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

2. Temperature

Although the temperature isn’t as intimately linked with the range of an electric scooter, it certainly affects it one way or the other. The battery of an e-scooter can get cold in the winter, hence providing low voltage. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do as a user to adjust this factor to improve the range. In fact, in extreme conditions, cold weather can bring down the power range of an electric scooter by 50%!

3. Speed

The temperature of the longest range electric scooter may not be in your hands to control, but the speed surely is. Riding at a slow speed allows you to expend less energy, therefore prolonging battery life. 

Electric scooters with longest battery life often feature a special mode of operation called cruise control or eco-mode. Through this mode, you can ride slower but ultimately prolong the ride. However, if you continuously ride at top speed, you’ll get about 20% lesser power range.

With that being said, we come to the end of this section. These were a few of the main factors concerning the range of an e-scooter, there are others like rider weight, relief, aerodynamics, terrain, tires, and many more.

5 Longest Range Electric Scooters to Buy in 2022

Now that we’ve acquainted ourselves with what goes on behind the scenes in making the longest range scooters, it’s time we go through them one by one. Here’s our list!

5. Futura Zero 10X | Max Range = 90km (56mi)

Futura Zero 10X is one of the longest distance electric scooters you can get at its price point.

The Zero 10X offers an excellent range of 90km (56mi) on a single charge. Even better, the top-tier 60V 21Ah Samsung battery only requires 6 to 9 hours to charge fully. So, you’ll be back on the road with this thing in no time!

This is all made possible through the powerful drivetrain the Zero 10X is equipped with. Its dual-motor supplies 2400W of power – combine that with a high-quality 60V battery, and you can travel as far as 90km with no trouble whatsoever. 

Learn more about this electric scooter with the longest battery life here!

4. Futura Rhino | Max Range = 120km (75mi)

longest distance & longest battery electric scooter
Futura Rhino

The Rhino is the heavyweight mountain conqueror among the rest of longest range scooters.

Thanks to its 60V 40Ah Panasonic battery, you can get to destinations as far as 120km (75mi). That’s beyond impressive in addition to all the other features that make the Rhino the beast that it is.

The Rhino was meant to go against the wind and tackle the steepest of hills. The best part about this longest distance electric scooter is that it only takes 10-12 hours to charge completely. That’s a reasonable number given the power it provides. 

Learn more about this long range electric scooter for adults here!

3. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 | Max Range = 150km (93mi)

Next on the list is Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, an incredibly long-distance electric scooter with a powerful drivetrain. This e-scooter is perfect for both getting around town and adventurous offroading. With its 60V 35Ah LG battery and 2400W dual motor, you can broaden your horizons up to 150km (93mi). 

As we get on in the list, you’ll see the range of the scooters increase dramatically. This is due to their improved internal circuitry, more powerful and efficient motors, high-quality batteries, and lightweight builds. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is no stranger to all those amazing features!

Learn more about this longest distance electric scooter here!

2. Dualtron X 2 | Max Range = 150km (93mi)

Dualtron X 2 is the latest upgrade of the beast previously known as Dualtron X. This version has a bigger battery, from 60V to the new and improved 72V. Moreover, the Dualtron is an exceptionally powerful long range electric scooter for adults. Why? Because of its massive dual-motor power output of 8300W!

The maximum range that you can achieve on Dualtron X 2 is 150km (93mi), much like Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11. However, the main difference between the two e-scooters is of motor power where Dualtron takes an edge. Furthermore, both of these long range electric scooters for adults share a maximum load capacity of 150kg (330lbs).

Learn more about this long range electric scooter for adults here!

1. Futura Zero 11X | Max Range = 160km (100mi)

longest battery and longest distance electric scooter
Futura Z11X

The Zero 11X is one of the best long range electric scooters ever made. This thing boasts a 72V 32Ah LG battery and 3200W dual-motor which allows a top range of a whopping 160km (100mi)!

That’s a range higher than any of the other previously mentioned longest range electric scooters on this list. Zero 11X is obviously one of the most high-end scooters out there, so it’s definitely a pick for those that are looking for an insane experience. 

Learn more about this longest range electric scooter here!

A Tabular Comparison

Here’s all the relevant information on these best long range electric scooters in a more accessible, tabular form!

Futura Zero 10X2400W60V 21Ah90km$1599
Futura Rhino4000W60V 40Ah120km$2599
Wolf Warrior 112400W60V 35Ah150km$2599
Dualtron X 28300W72V 42Ah150km$6840
Futura Zero 11X3200W72V 32Ah160km $3399

Before You Go

There are many factors (such as the powertrain, temperature, aerodynamics, etc.) that affect the range of an e-scooter.

Futura has an impressive longest range electric scooter lineup, some of which are Futura Rhino, Zero 11X, and Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11. All these models promise great range, but their other features and capabilities vary.

You can check out our lineup here.


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