You are probably aware that electricity and water should never come into contact with each other. Therefore, it is definitely worth asking the question of are electric scooters waterproof? 

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a straight yes or no, as there are some things to understand about electric scooters and wet weather.

Some electric scooters are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant, which is not the same. When something is described as being waterproof, it means that it can withstand getting submerged in water without being damaged. When something is described as being water-resistant, it can only withstand a specific level of contact with water. 

Electric scooter manufacturers show this by giving their products an IP rating. You may have seen many electrical items with an IP rating, especially if they are used outside.


IP Ratings Explained

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IP stands for Ingress Protection. It is an international standard to describe how well electrical enclosures are sealed from dust and moisture particles.

The IP rating of an item is shown by two numbers, e.g. IP 65. Higher numbers let you know that the item has more protection.

The first digit ranges from 1 to 6 and tells you how well it is protected from dust particles. The second range from 1 to 9 and refers to moisture protection.


How Protected Are Electric Scooters From Water?

There are some high-quality electric scooters on the market that are water-resistant, thanks to their IP54 rating. You would be able to ride an IP54 electric scooter in light rain and not have too much trouble when splashing through a shallow puddle. 

Some electric scooters are described as being waterproof. These electric scooters can have a rating as high as IP67. Something like this could theoretically be fully submerged without being damaged. To achieve this IP rating, the scooter has to have lots of protection, which is hugely heavy and makes the scooter extremely expensive, while having a significantly reduced range.

An electric scooter rated to IP55 gives you a good amount of protection from dust particles that could harm components. IP55 also means that the scooter is protected against low-pressure jets of water from any angle. 

Therefore, an electric scooter with an IP55 rating can be ridden in light to medium rain with no problems. However, it wouldn’t be a good idea to ride in heavy rain.

If a manufacturer does not give their scooter an IP rating, it should never be ridden in the rain. You don’t need to worry too much about electric shocks, but water ingress can damage the scooter to a point where it will never work again.


When You Should Avoid Riding An Electric Scooter

There are times when you should avoid riding an electric scooter. For example, when the visibility is poor due to low light and spray. The reason isn’t for the sake of the scooter but for the rider. If you can’t see far ahead of you, you may come across hazards that cannot be seen. Also, it is difficult for other road users to spot you. Low visibility will increase the likelihood of having an accident.

Another time you should avoid riding an electric scooter is in heavy rain. Heavy rain causes running water and creates deep puddles on the road’s surface. Riding in these conditions can permanently damage your electric scooter, but it can be dangerous for you too.

If you ride your scooter in the rain and in freezing temperatures, you risk damaging your scooter. The motor and battery overwork, which will affect how long they will last. In addition to this, your tires have less grip on the road, which makes riding riskier.


What Happens To An Electric Scooter When It Gets Wet?

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When water gets inside the scooter, it may be getting damaged without you knowing. The main component you should be worried about is the battery. The battery will suffer the most if it gets wet, as it will corrode, which will shorten its life.

The outside of your scooter can also corrode, which will ruin its finish. But, water can corrode the frame and brakes too. The lights of an electric scooter are susceptible to water seeping in and damaging them.


How To Protect Your Electric Scooter From Water

Sometimes riding your electric scooter in the rain is unavoidable. If it starts raining during your journey, you have no choice but to continue. If you can stop under shelter until the rain passes, do so, as it will be better for your scooter.

Even if your scooter has a good IP rating, you should do your best to keep it dry. Looking after it will mean you can enjoy it for many years to come.

The first thing you need to do is dry it off after riding it in the rain. You can do this with a dry cloth to simply wipe all the accessible surfaces and soak up the water.

When you are not riding your scooter, you should keep it in a dry place. Ideally, you should also use a water-resistant cover. A decent cover will protect your scooter from dampness and humidity. 

A scooter cover made from a breathable material, such as polyester, will allow moisture to escape from your scooter.

It is essential to check over your electric scooter from time to time to see if it has any corrosion. If your scooter has some corrosion, it can shorten your battery life, but it will also reduce its power more quickly.

If your scooter does not have fenders, it is a good idea to fit some. These do a great job of preventing splashes and spray from coming off your wheels. This will help keep you comfortable while protecting your scooter.

You don’t need any specialist tools, but a basic tool kit will be sufficient to inspect your scooter from time to time. You should check over the scooter’s wires, battery case, and batteries for signs of corrosion. If you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have the necessary tools, it is best to take your scooter to a good bike shop or someone who knows about electric scooters.


Wear The Right Clothing For Riding In Wet Weather

Riding in wet weather can be pretty miserable, but you can stay comfortable and safe with the proper clothing. It is good to wear a brightly colored waterproof jacket to keep dry and visible to other road users. You may want to keep waterproof clothing in a backpack if the weather forecast looks bad. This way, you can slip it on over your regular clothes to keep dry.


What To Look For In An Electric Scooter For Wet Weather Riding

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IP ratings aside, there are a few things your scooter should have if you have to ride in the rain. The lights on your electric scooter need to be bright enough to be seen in light rain, so you can see the road ahead and be seen. They also need a sufficient IP rating to ensure they are suitable.

Your scooter’s deck should be grippy and be protected by splash guards. These features will prevent your feet from slipping. 

Buying an electric scooter with inflatable tires will give you a smooth ride, but they will also give you more traction. By lowering the tire pressures slightly, you will be able to get a little more grip for wet weather riding. But, you should pump them up again when the weather dries up.

The most crucial element of an electric scooter is its brakes. Having good brakes will keep you safer when riding in wet weather. You may have to make an emergency stop to avoid a puddle or stream.


Final Thoughts

Riding an electric scooter in wet weather isn’t always impossible. Just make sure your scooter is equipped for it, and you know how to manage the risk. Use some common sense while adapting your technique to suit the conditions, and you will be fine.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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