In this post, we will go into the top 5 electric scooter mistakes, how to avoid them and how to fix them. This is because people who are new to the world of electric scooters often just jump on them and ride away. However, having the heads up on specific aspects of electric scooter ownership will ensure your safety, enhance your enjoyment and keep your new ride in excellent condition for years to come.


1. Not Having The Correct Pressures

Most electric scooter manufacturers fit either solid or inflatable tyres to their products. There are some advantages of riding a scooter with solid tyres, but inflatable tyres are the best option in most cases.

Inflatable tyres give you a much better ride quality than solid ones, but if you don’t keep them pumped up to the correct pressure, the ride quality is drastically compromised.

Running your tyres too low makes your electric scooter handle poorly. The reason for this that the tyre moves around on the wheel and deforms. Another issue with running your tyre pressures too low is that they are more susceptible to punctures. As the inner tube gets squashed against the wheel rim when it hits a bump, you can get a “pinch flat”.

Getting caught out with a puncture on your commute is frustrating. But, luckily keeping your tyres correctly inflated is a simple task.

It would be best if you bought a good pump with a pressure gauge from a bike shop. Often the correct pressure is labelled on the tyre wall, in PSI or Bar, so you know how much to pump it up.

You can reduce the likelihood of getting punctures further by using tyre sealant. Tyre sealant is a liquid that you put inside your tyres that plugs holes as you ride. Most of the time, you won’t even know if a puncture has occurred with this stuff. It will give you confidence that your tyres will stay inflated for your journey. A great example of tyre sealant is Tyre Yogurt, which is used for all kinds of bikes too.


2. Not Looking After Your Battery

Electric scooter batteries are pretty sophisticated pieces of tech. One of the most common electric scooter mistakes is not looking after them properly. If you look after your battery you will be sure that it will last a long time.

When riding your electric scooter, you may experience a reduced range, even when the battery is fully charged. In many cases, batteries will indicate that they are fully charged before they are fully topped up. Therefore is best to go with what the charger is saying, rather than the battery life indicator.

Trust Your Charger

By trusting the charger over the battery indicator, you will be absolutely sure that your battery is 100% fully charged.

It is a good idea to never let your battery run flat completely. If you can, try to keep your battery between 10% and 40% before recharging it.

Once the battery is fully charged, you should disconnect it from its charger. The manufacturer will state how long it takes to charge the battery, so you should not have to leave it unattended after it has been topped up.

If you find that the battery is taking much longer to charge than the manufacturer says, there may be a problem with your battery. Alternatively, the battery is coming to the end of its life.

Know Your Range

You will want to know how long your electric scooter can go when its battery is fully charged. This way, you can plan your trips. so you don’t run the battery down to 0%

The range of your scooter will depend on its model, battery size, and motor. However, your range will also depend on how hilly your route is, how hard you accelerate, how fat you ride and if your lights are switched on.

Develop Good Riding Habits

When you get used to riding your electric scooter, you will develop good riding habits that will extend your range. For example, gentle acceleration and efficient braking will allow you to ride further. These good habits will also boost your battery’s life in the long run.

After a long ride, electric scooter batteries can build up lots of heat. So, before plugging it into the charger, you should let it cool down. Give it 30 minutes rest before charging. However, if you have just had a short ride, your battery will be fine to start charging.

3. Using Your Rear Mudguard As A Brake

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Some electric scooters have a brake integrated into the rear mudguard. When you want to come to a stop, you can push down on it with your foot to slow the rear wheel down.

However, the mudguard is just a mudguard on most electric scooters to stop water and dirt from ruining your jeans. If you try to use your mudguard as a brake, you risk damaging your scooter or crashing.

If you are unsure if your rear mudguard is a brake or not, you should check out the manufacturer’s handbook. But, often, there will be a sticker on the mudguard to indicate that you should not step on it.


4. Not Knowing Your Electric Scooter’s Modes

When your electric scooter arrives, it is very tempting to charge it up and go for a ride. You may experience it being slower than the manufacturer has stated, which is frustrating. However, this may not be an issue with the scooter.

One of the common electric scooter mistakes, is that new owners don’t realise that they often arrive in “eco” mode, which is their lowest setting. This mode is slow, but it gives you the longest range. Electric scooters usually have two more speed modes that allow you to ride faster.

The fastest mode is more fun and gets you to your destination quicker. But, it will deplete the battery much more quickly.

With this in mind, you would be wise to resist temptation and read the owner’s manual before you ride. This way, you will be entirely up to speed on how to get the best out of your electric scooter.


5. Not Starting Slow And Picking Up The Basics

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If you are new to riding an electric scooter, you should start slow and get used to handling, stopping, and accelerating. Learning how to ride an electric scooter is very easy, but your first ride should be in a safe place. Avoid areas with lots of people and traffic until you get the hang of it.

Many people don’t realise that you need to give your electric scooter a little kick start to get going.

By just pressing the throttle, your scooter won’t move. Your scooter needs to be moving slightly before the motor kicks in. So, you should push off first, then press the throttle to get off to a flying start.

Another essential thing you need to know before you ride your new electric scooter is the local regulations. Not every country or city allows electric scooters on the roads or pavements yet. Therefore, it is important to know what is allowed to avoid getting into trouble.

We recommend that you wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter. Just like when you ride a bike, you are travelling quickly, so ensuring your head is protected is essential.


Bonus Tip!

Electric scooters are very simple devices when you compare them to bikes and other modes of transport. Therefore, you don’t need to do much to maintain them.

A quick check every couple of weeks while you clean your scooter will keep it running safely. All you need to ensure your electric scooter is in full working order, is a basic tool kit.

Things you need to check include:

If you don’t feel like you are capable of checking your own scooter, you can take it to a bike shop that is also an electric scooter specialist.


Final Thoughts On Electric Scooter Mistakes

Now you are up to speed with the most common electric scooter mistakes. With this knowledge, you will be able to avoid them and get the most out of your electric scooter. Check out our range of scooters to find the best one for you.

The most important things about riding electric scooters, are having fun and staying safe. With these tips and some common sense, you will be able to enjoy your electric scooter for years to come.


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