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Zero 10X is an electric scooter that packs a mighty punch but hides it behind a humble yet innovative facade. This scooter has two powerful hub motors, a large battery, and a distinctive suspension.

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2400W Dual Motor

45Mph Top Speed

56 Miles Max Range

60V 21Ah Samsung Battery

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Spring Hydraulic Shock Absorber

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Comfort & Stylish

The Mantis 10 Pro is fully loaded with the best in power, performance, and pro-level components from the Mantis 10 range.

Powerful Electric Scooter Perfect for Everything

Whether you’re looking for something to zip around your neighborhood on, reinvent your commute with, or enjoy a scenic ride on off-road terrain, the Zero 10X is what you need. It’s a powerful electric scooter with unparalleled capabilities.

1200W Dual Motor

That produces 2400W and peak power of 3200W, the Zero 10X electric scooter delivers a fascinating speed of 40 mph.

52V/62V Lg/Samsung Battery

The Zero 10X comes with an LG/Samsung battery that delivers a maximum range of up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Spring Hydraulic Suspension

It’s capable of handling the bumpiest of roads with its front & rear spring hydraulic suspension.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Bringing the Zero 10X to a halt feels smooth and effortless, thanks to its front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

The Zero 10X is a popular, high-performance electric scooter with a quality build. Most notable is its giant deck, Cadillac-plush suspension, and dual 1000-watt motors that give all variants of this scooter a top speed north of 35 mph.

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The Zero 10X electric scooter sets the benchmark by combining unmatched speed, power, and superb off-road performance. If you want a scooter that delivers peak performance over long distances, uphill, and on rugged terrains, then the Zero 10X is a gem worth checking out!


Engineered for Performance

Packs dual-drive 1200W electric motors, that can output a total of 3200W peak power, the Zero 10x can go as fast as 45mph. Climbing hills or going on the trail is also a breeze with the 10X, thanks to these powerful motors and the full-size 10-inch tires.

Stop in a Second

The Zero 10X has hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear to make sure you stop right when and where you want to. This powerful electric scooter can start like a lightning, and stop in a second.

Designed for Comfort

The Z10X has shock absorbers on both wheels. The wheels are attached to the scooter via trailing arms that isolate any vibration or jolt of the road from the rider. This makes this powerful electric scooter stable on the ground, no matter how rough the terrain is.


Despite having such immense power, the Z10X is still portable. Coming in at 80 lbs, the Zero 10X is a beefcake. You aren’t going to throw this into the back of an Uber, take it on a bus, or carry it up to multiple flights of stairs.



Max Speed:
60km/h(38mph) – 52V 18Ah/52V 23Ah LG
70km/h(45mph) – 60V 21Ah Samsung
Max Range:
60km(38mi) – 52V 18Ah
100km(62mi) – 52V 23Ah LG
90km(56mi) – 60V 21Ah Samsung
Motor Power:
1000W*2 motor – 52V 18Ah/52V 23Ah LG
1200W*2 motor – 60V 21Ah Samsung
Front and rear hydraulic disc brake – 52V 23Ah LG/60V 21Ah Samsung
Front and rear mechanical disc brake – 52V 18Ah
Suspension: Front and rear spring hydraulic shock absorber


Battery Type: 60V 21Ah Samsung/52V 23Ah LG/52V 18Ah
Charging Time: 6-9h
Working Temperature: -10~50°C
Hill Climbing Ability: 25 degree


Display: LCD Intelligent Display
Product Weight: 39kg(85lb)
Max Load: 150kg(330lb)
Dimensions(Unfolded): 124*58*127cm(49*23*50inch)
Dimensions(Folded): 47*21*34cm(19*8*13 inch)
Lights: Front and rear deck light

Wheels & Tires

Size of Tire: 10 inches
Material of Tire: Rubber
Type of Tire: Pneumatic road tire

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ward H.

Speed distance battery life shocks all on point ... excellent! For me the only problem is the weight.. 80lbs. It’s like lifting weights .over all thumbs up.

Kerwin W.
Great Scooter

When I got my zero 10x it was quite intimidating as it is bigger then what you see on the YouTube channels. Not slouching over, feet are comfortable on board with plenty room, suspension carries my weight no problem. The acceleration on this scooter is crazy. I have only gone up to 35mph, but I’m ok with that. over 40mph is to extreme for me. Don’t ride fast in the beginning because it’s very unstable. But after several rides the steering has loosened up and the rides are much better, much more control.
Overall, great scooter, great for big guys like myself. The customer service, Grace is very professional , patient, experienced, and informative. Very good choice for me, and it would be a very good one for you.

Lance M.
Fast and Fun

After a ton of research on reviews, makes, models and with a price point in mind, I couldn’t find another scooter close to the 10X in robust construction, speed, and versatility. I’m in my late 50s, and this is my mid-life toy. It’s great around town or on the trail; going far and fast enough to break up the day with a trip. BUY IT for the commute or the catharsis.

Marlon B.

I would love to give this product a 5 star rating but I can not. This scooter has a lot of positives but the one negative out weights them all. This scooter has" EXCESSIVE NOISE COMING FROM THE STEM"! It is so pronounced, it sounds like your riding old junk! I have two other scooters from other brands and never had a problem with that. Very very anoying to say the least.

Damon V.
Extremely powerful

This thing is a complete beast, it has good acceleration and with some adjustments, the brakes work very well. For me, someone who is 6”2”, 230lbs, with size 13 shoes, this scooter was perfect. When you turn on the zero 10x, feels like you’re turning on a motorcycle.
I had a question about the brakes and I got a response back very quickly, the support they provide has always been the defining factor for me.