The sales of electric bikes went up by 145% between 2019 and 2020, and their popularity will only increase as years go by.

Not only do e-Bikes help the environment, but it lets you travel from point A to point B efficiently. 

It’s light, compact, and versatile, making it the go-to option for many urban commuters.

Here are the best e-Bikes under $2,000 that won’t break the bank!

Best Electric Bikes Under $2,000


Best Overall: HIMO C26 Electric Bike

Why We Picked It:

Weighing at 25kg, the HIMO C26 is bulkier than its predecessor, the HIMO C20. It makes the HIMO C26 a suitable choice for urban commute and off-road cycling. 

It features a lightweight frame and 26-inch wheels. The Xiaomi HIMO C26 delivers a metal case, and you have three colors to choose from: gray, white, and red. 

Keep in mind that the unit doesn’t fold, so you’re going to need more space for storing your bike. 

Although Xiaomi did make room for minor customization, such as an adjustable seat height, it still poses a problem for transportation. 

On top of the front wheel, you’ll find a large white light which gives you a power of 45 LUX. 

Meanwhile, there’s a red light at the back of the seat that makes it safe for day and night cycling.

One single charge on the HIMO C26 can go up to 100KM, a major upgrade from the HIMO C20 that only has the maximum limit of 80KM. 

It accelerates at 25 KM/hour, and riders up to 100KG can comfortably use the e-Bike. The unit also features a small steering wheel display, which is situated at the left handle. 

The screen displays your speed, distance, the e-Bike’s battery level, and the riding mode. You can turn on and off the light and change your riding mode with the control buttons.

Who Should Buy It?

The HIMO C26 is a perfect companion for hardcore off-road cyclists. Moreover, this e-Bike is a practical purchase if you like to travel to neighboring cities as well.

However, this isn’t a suitable option if you’re looking for a foldable e-Bike that you can store under your office tables or store in tight spaces.



Fiido M1 Pro Electric Bike

Why We Picked It:

The Fiido M1 Pro folds in a few steps, making it an excellent option for people who commute regularly. 
Although this is a more compact e-Bike than the HIMO C26 Electric Bike, it does weigh the same at 25KG. However, it’s still light enough to load it in a sedan or train. 

A feature that we like about the Fiido M1 Pro is its massive 20*4 pneumatic tires, falling under 

The tires are wear-resistant and are non-slip. Despite its compact frame, it does meet all the necessary requirements for off-road cycling, meaning it can adapt to extreme road conditions without compromising safety.

Fiido M1 Pro gives you full control over asphalt, sand, and other terrains, and this includes when you’re skidding at a high-speed corner. 

Who Should Buy It?

The e-Bike is for riders looking for a portable unit to use for urban commuting and off-road cycling. 

Although the HIMO C26 is a superior option for extreme dirt-road biking, the Fiido M1 Pro does a pretty good job of giving you the best of both worlds.



Fiido M1 Electric Bike

Why We Picked It:

Similar to Fiido M1, it folds within seconds. You can fold the handlebars, pedals, and Fiido also includes a built-in stand under the crank, keeping the bike upright when it’s folded.

It doesn’t have a clip, though, to keep the wheels in place, but you can easily purchase bungee cords as a replacement. 

The weight is 25KG, so it’s heavier than some electric bike brands but light enough to carry it with you on your travels. 

Another feature we like is its 12.5Ah battery, which is greater than the average battery capacity. Although it has a longer charging time, you can go farther. It takes 9 hours to charge it fully. 

Fiido M1 is only limited to 25 KM/hour, but the unit can reach up to 31 KM/hour if you restrict it for off-road use. 

The 4-inch tires make a huge contact patch with

The Fiido M1 gives an excellent grip on bumpy and rough surfaces.

Who Should Buy It?

The Fiido M1 is a great option for riders looking for a compact e-Bike that can ride over rocks and roots with ease. 

Make sure to fully charge the battery if you plan on using its motors to neighboring cities.



ADO A26 Electric Bike


Why We Picked It:

Unlike the Fiido M1, ADO A26 isn’t a folding bicycle, so you’ll have a bulky parcel on your doorstep. 

Upon first glance, it doesn’t look like it’s from a Chinese company because of its aluminum alloy frame. 

The frame is only available in matte black, devoid of any distinctive characteristics, except for the company logo. 

A26 features an external removable battery and a control unit that works well but looks a bit off. It does allow you to remove the battery faster and makes recharging easier.

On the handlebar of the e-Bike, there’s an onboard computer, and next to it are the horn and the night lights. An accelerator can go up to 25kmph, and it’s concealed in the right knob. 

Although it does well on off-road terrains, it isn’t made for steep climbs because the distance between the pedals and floor is too short. It may scratch the ground a bit, which is a little concerning.

Who Should Buy It?

The ADO A26 is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for e-Bikes with a reliable motor to drive to and from work and home. 

People who like mountain biking may need to steer clear of the A26 because of its short pedals.



Fiido L3 Electric Bike

Why We Picked It:

Fiido L3 is a small-format e-Bike, and if there’s anything that makes this stand out, it’s its giant battery. 

It has an impressive weight rating of 150KG, meaning it’s also one of our choices for the best e-Bikes for heavy riders

With its design, you won’t be in your prime pedaling form, so it isn’t a good choice if you plan on using it for exercising at long distances. It does have a pedal assist and a single-speed drivetrain. 

It delivers three modes, such as human riding, human-electric hybrid, and eclectic riding. Moreover, you can choose low, medium, and high-riding speeds as well. 

Both the front and rear wheels have a nifty mudguard, which reduces the splash of water when you’re cycling under the rain. 

It features a 14-inch tire and it comes with deep treads, so it has an excellent anti-slip performance.

The battery capacity is 14.5Ah, and it can ride 40-70KM in electric mode alone. What’s more, it can go up to 120KM in electric-assisted mode.

The design has a headlight and horn, meaning you can travel at night safely with its rear tail light.

Who Should Buy It?

The Fiido L3 is an excellent choice for riders who prioritize travel convenience over breaking some sweat through pedaling.



DYU D3F Electric Bike

Why We Picked It:

What makes DYU D3F stand out is its stylish aesthetics and powerful motor. It has an 80 KM mileage, and it’s one of the most technologically advanced DYU electric bikes on the market. 

The bike has three modes: cycling, an electric car model, and lastly, a hybrid model, so you can choose the suitable option, depending on the terrain. 

There are three-speed choices as well, ranging from low, medium, to high-gears. If you’re cycling in the downtown area, you may opt for the low-end option. Switch the setting to high-speed when you’re running late to work.

The tires have an excellent absorption effect, and it is 14-inches in diameter. It comes with a built-in 10Ah lithium-ion battery that has a max mileage of 45KM. In assistance mode, it can run up to 70 KM. 

Impressively, the bike can go up at a slope up to 30 degrees, so you have no worries using this affordable bike on bumpy roads.

Who Should Buy It?

The DYU D3F electric bike is a great option for riders looking for an affordable unit that allows them to ride comfortably. 

It doesn’t have a massive battery like the Fiido L3 Electric Bike, but it gets the job done.


Buying Guide for the Best Ebikes Under $2000

Electric Bike Classes

There are three types of e-Bikes: Class 1, 2, and 3. 

Class 1

These bikes are pedal-assisted only. It doesn’t have a throttle, and it works to magnify your input. When you reach 20mph, the motor turns off.

Class 2

Class 2 e-Bikes are similar to class 1 bikes, but they have a throttle. It can function with or without you pedaling. 

Like the previous class, the motor stops when you hit 20mph, but you can continue pedaling.

Class 3

Under this class, the e-Bikes are subject to a variety of rules, depending on your location. The pedal assist can go up to 28mph, which is one of its biggest defining factors. 

There are areas wherein these bikes do not have throttles and can only go up to 20mph.

Pedal Assist Sensor

Take note of the pedal-assist sensor the unit is using. Here are the following:

Quoted Range

Check with the manufacturer’s best-case scenario range. While it doesn’t mean you’re going to reach the specified range, it does give an estimate on what to expect. 

You need to ask yourself these questions before purchasing:

E-bike Specs

It’s important to look at the power delivery instead of looking at the numbers. Depending on the manufacturer, two bikes with the same specs can differ in riding experience. 

Certain eBikes amplify the pedaling. Meanwhile, others make pedaling a formality. It’s best to look at reviews to see how existing users are liking the unit.

Ebikes Under $2000|Conclusion

Investing in an e-Bike is a smart solution for urban commute and off-road cycling. 

There are plenty of models in the market, so it’s important to identify what you will use them for before purchasing. 

The e-bikes on the list are handpicked to make sure it appeals to the majority of the riders. They are quality bikes at an affordable range.

Whether you’re looking for a unit with a long-lasting battery or a model designed for extreme dirt road cycling, you’re bound to find one that’s for you.



Is it possible to ride an eBike with a flat battery?
Yes, you can ride an ebike with a flat battery.
Do electric bikes charge when you pedal?
Yes, some models charge as you pedal. However, most units don’t, so you have to charge the battery back at home.
Can you ride an e-bike in the rain?
Yes, you can ride your e-Bike while it’s raining. Make sure to check the manufacturer, though, as there are models that aren’t rated for cycling in the rain.
Are 250 watts enough for an e-Bike?
Yes, 250 watts is enough for an electric bike if you’re riding on flat land.
Do e-Bikes work in winter?
Yes, e-Bikes work in below-freezing temperatures. Make sure to warm your e-Bike before charging the batteries to prevent damages.

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