Aostirmotor A20 elektrisk cykel


Futura-konceptet har drivits av innovation ända sedan starten. Som tillverkare försöker vi alltid integrera den senaste tekniken för att framställa de bästa produkterna för dig.

Designed for Adventure and Style!

The Aostirmotor A20 is a folding fat tire electric bike designed for adventure and style. With a powerful 500W motor, it’s capable of handling a variety of terrains and will take you where you want to go. The A20 is equipped with a Shimano transmission, making gear changes effortless and allowing you to ride more efficiently. The mechanical disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, ensuring that you can come to a stop safely no matter the conditions. It has a stylish black and orange design with colored rims, making it stand out from the crowd. For added versatility, you can also choose to add the optional rear rack, making it perfect for carrying your gear on your next beach trip.



25 km/h

Högsta hastighet

22 Mi

Max räckvidd

36V 13Ah


Powerful and Feature-Rich!

The Aostirmotor A20 features a multifunctional LCD panel, dual mechanical disc brakes, 4” fat tires, a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, a removable battery, a folding aluminum frame, and more!

Removable, Secure Battery

The A20 features a 36V 13Ah Lithium-ion battery, powered by high-quality Samsung cells, offering a long-lasting range. It is designed for easy removal and has a secure lockable mechanism for convenient out-of-frame charging.

Flexible Gear Shifting

The A20 is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain that allows for quick gear changes to suit different terrain conditions. Additionally, it provides three operation modes: riding, pedal-assist, and electric-only.

Tough Fat Tires

The bike comes with 20x4.0” fat tires that are anti-puncture and feature a thick anti-skid tread for all-terrain riding. The brightly colored rims add a stylish touch.

Effective Braking System

The dual mechanical disc brakes with efficient heat-dispersing rotors offer all-weather stopping power, ensuring your safety on any ride.

Informative Display

The A20 features an 866-LCD display that provides information on speed, battery, mileage, and allows for easy switching between the 5 levels of pedal assist via side buttons.

Compact and Durable Frame

The frame of the A20 is made from lightweight yet durable 6061 aluminum alloy and has a folding design for easy transportation and storage.

Explore With Ease

Ride without the worry of running out of charge thanks to the 36V 13Ah Lithium battery and the 20×4” fat tires of the Aostirmotor A20 electric bike. These features allow for longer rides on various terrains, and the battery can be easily removed and recharged in 4-6 hours.

Make a Fashion Statement

Stand out from the crowd with the bright colored rims and the stylish design of the Aostirmotor A20 folding electric bike. The black and orange color combination, aggressive tires, stylish frame, and glossy finish create a unique look that is sure to turn heads.

Effortless Hill Climbing

Climb hills with ease on the Aostirmotor A20 electric bike. Its 500W brushless rear hub motor uses internal gears for enhanced torque, allowing for smooth ascents on both mild and steep inclines. Additionally, the bike’s stable geometry and balanced weight distribution allow for efficient climbing.

Tailored Power Assistance

Enjoy a personalized ride with the intelligent and responsive power delivery system of the Aostirmotor A20 folding electric bike. Choose from three modes of operation: manpower, pure electric (throttle), and pedal-assist, and further adjust the motor power with 5 levels of electric boost within the pedal-assist mode.



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