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Two fat wheels and lots of fun. The globally successful WideWheel Pro has released its new 2021 version and it is worth the wait.

WideWheel Pro: Not being sold in the US

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1000W Dual Motor

25Mph Top Speed

31 Miles Max Range

48V 15Ah Battery

Disc Brake

Spring Shock Absorber

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Attractive & Stylish

Thoroughly crafted by engineers and designers.

The Last Mile Commuter

The wide wheels, the powerful motors providing all-wheel drive, the full-suspension. That makes it a more usable scooter for every day commuting in addition to simply tearing up the neighborhood.

500W Dual Motor

With dual hub motors and a 1000kw peak, the WideWheel Pro stomped its way to 15mph in 3.2 seconds.

48V Lithium-ion Battery

The scooter features a 720W hour lithium-ion battery pack, and the WideWheel Pro can travel 31 miles on a full charge.

Dual Suspension & Foam-filled Tires

The WideWheel Pro has dual spring suspensions and polyurethane-filled airless tires. On smooth roads, it has excellent ride quality and is an incredibly fun and thrilling scooter to ride.

Dual Disc Brakes

The WideWheel Pro has a dual 120-mm mechanical disc and dual electronic brakes that can quickly stop the scooter.

LED Light

The scooter has a high-mounted front LED light and rear red LED tail light. The safety of driving at night is improved.

The Mercane WideWheel Pro electric scooter has wild looks — a dark, sleek frame sitting on ultra-wide tires that look like racing slicks. Dual motors give it thrilling acceleration and a respectable top speed of nearly 30 mph. However, the scooter is still tame enough for the casual rider who likes to turn it up every now and then.

ChuckESG Co-Founder

The Mercane WideWheel Pro providing a uniquely smooth riding experience with top-notch specs, sleek looks, and notable high speed. It could be the perfect addition for an experienced rider looking to add some excitement to their weekends or commute.

Daniel Edit

If you can look past the extra holiday weight that the scooter is still carrying, then the WideWheel Pro is better in just about every way. It’s faster, more powerful and goes further. It climbs hills better. It is more visible at night. It’s structurally stronger. It’s just better. Speeds of 26 mph are no joke and you better be prepared. This is not an entry-level scooter. It’s a machine that flies.

Electrek.co140K subscribers

Speed & Range

With dual hub motors and a 1000kw peak, the WideWheel Pro stomped its way to 15mph in 3.2s. The top speed is 25mph. The Pro can travel 31 miles on a full charge.

Suspension & Wheel Support

The combination of foam-filled tires and dual spring suspension provides a steady road experience even when hitting peak acceleration. You feel bumps in the road for less than any other e-scooter, and they make you feel like you’re gliding across the roads.

Dual Disc Brakes

The WideWheel Pro has a dual 120-mm mechanical disc and dual electronic brakes that can quickly stop the scooter. The Pro came to a stop from 15mph in a mere 3.8 meters.


The scooter has both a folding stem and folding handlebars. It can easily fit into the trunk of a small car when folded.


Wheels & Tires

Size of Tire: 8″ x 3.9″
Material of Tire: Rubber, foam
Type of Tire: Foam-filled tire


Max Speed: 40km/h(25mph)
Max Range: 50km(31mi)
Motor Power: 500W*2 motor
Acceleration: 3.2s 0-15 mph
Brake: Front and rear disc brake
Suspension: Front and rear spring shock absorber


Battery Type: 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion
Charging Time: 4-6h
Working Temperature: -10~50°C
Hill Climbing Ability: 20 degree


Display: LCD Display
Product Weight: 26kg(58lb)
Max Load: 100kg(220lb)
Dimensions(Unfolded): 110*55*110cm(43*22*43inch)
Dimensions(Folded): 110*18*41cm(43*7*16inch)
Lights: Front light, rear taillight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Je l'adore. C'est mon moyen de transport pour aller et revenir du travail. 11,5 miles dans chaque sens. Les deux moteurs vous permettent de dcoller rapidement et ma monte de 35 degrs sur le pont est un jeu d'enfant. La seule raison pour laquelle je n'ai pas donn 20 toiles, c'est que j'aimerais pouvoir gonfler ces pneus. Quant au service la clientle, il obtient 5 toiles.


good scooter that does what you expect. good top speed and power to withstand all slopes! but the only negative is that some screws are not completely fixed so you have to write them down every now and then. then I got some noise from the front disc, brake. which I do not succeed in fixing. but has driven 80 miles with it and is very happy anyway!


So far I really like this scooter it has no trouble taking my 200 lb plus carcass up steep hills. Which is why I purchased it.

Allan N.

This scooter gets me around where I need to. I can say that ride quality is ok but it really needs time to get used to the widewheel but it's ok. It can be very slippery when wet so one wish I have is better tires for them in the future then this will be your no 1 commuter scooter. 1 more improvement is wider deck as well too will make this the all out scooter.