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Kaabo Wolf King+ is the ultimate electric scooter that ticks all the boxes you want an e-scooter to tick. You can confidently use it to replace your car for intra-city commute, and it will not disappoint you.

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3000W Dual Motor

62Mph Top Speed

93 Miles Max Range

72V 28Ah LG/Samsung Battery

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Hydraulic & Spring Shock Absorber

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Attractive & Stylish

Thoroughly crafted by engineers and designers.

The SUV In Electric Scooters

Unparalleled power & performance. It will rule every alley, street, and rough trail you encounter.

1500W Dual Motor

This wolf king has a true blazing top speed of 60mph. A 0-50mph acceleration of mere 4.8seconds.

1500W Dual Motor

This wolf king has a true blazing top speed of 60mph. A 0-50mph acceleration of mere 4.8seconds.

72V Lg/Samsung Battery

More powerful power output, and longer range. It helps you ride 150KM and accompany you to explore every corner of the city.

Hydraulic And Spring Suspension

From the iconic front twin hydraulic shocks to the rear spring shocks, guaranteeing ride quality and comfort.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes can quickly stop the scooter.

LED Headlight

With super bright forward lights, the safety of driving at night is improved.

he Kaabo Wolf King+ is a high-powered machine that can beat 95% of electric scooters out there. If you an experienced electric scooter rider, adding the Kaabo Wolf King+ to your quiver is an excellent choice. It offers high speeds with a stable design.

Jimmy Chang36K subscribers

This is a top of the range electric scooter. It was solid, powerful, fast and handled really well. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior King boasts power and strength, it's fantastic off-road and extremely solid. The gold colour really does stand out!

Ginger On Wheels10K subscribers

The Kaabo Wolf King is the king in every category that matters, except portability. It is the most complete, replace-your-car kind of electric scooter that you will find in the entire world. Although not for everyone, the King is an ESG favorite for its fantastic build, wicked fast top speed, and super smooth ride.

ESG30K subscribers

Unrivaled Performance

With a maximum output of 6720W, (yes, you heard it right) this scooter will catapult you to 60mph, 15mph faster than the tested top speed of the Wolf Warrior 11. A 0-50mph acceleration of mere 4.8 seconds, comparable to even a sports car!

Designed for Comfort

The shock absorbers used here are motorcycle-grade hydraulic dampers with springs. No matter how fast you go on this scooter, you will not notice any wobble in the handle at all. The suspension isolates you from the vibrations of the road making your ride comfortable and safe.

Brakes as Effective as the Motors

Kaabo Wolf King+ has hydraulic brakes in the front and back. Not only do these brakes provide enormous stopping power, but they are also equipped with ABS to make sure that the scooter does not slip when the brakes are applied, and you can retain some steering control.

Enormous 72V LG/Samsung Battery

Newly improved battery management system to charge up in 6 hours. You can still get a range of 90 Miles on a single charge, which is more than the all-electric range of most plug-in hybrids out there.

Sophisticated Electronics

Kaabo Wolf King+ comes with Minimotors EY3 display which is the leader of electric scooter display and throttle units. It can be used to control the throttle input to regulate the speed, and switch between single and dual motor modes. It also displays the speed of the scooter and the odometer and current trip mileage.



Max Speed: 100km/h(62mph)
Max Range: 150km(93mi)
Motor Power: 1500W*2 motor
Acceleration: 4.8s 0-50 mph
Brake: Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
Suspension: Front hydraulic and rear spring shock absorber


Battery Type: 72V 28Ah LG/Samsung
Charging Time: 19h(6h with 2 chargers)
Working Temperature: -10~50°C
Hill Climbing Ability: 45 degree
Input Voltage: 84V


Display: Minimotors EY3
Product Weight: 46kg(102lb)
Max Load: 150kg(330lb)
Dimensions(Unfolded): 126*66*125cm(50*26*49inch)
Dimensions(Folded): 150*27*47cm(59*11*16inch)
Lights: Front headlights, rear taillight, auxiliary light on both sides

Wheels & Tires

Size of Tire: 11 inches
Material of Tire: Rubber
Type of Tire: Tubeless off-road/road tire

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Kaabo Wolf Warrior King! Unboxing and First Impressions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I had a great experience dealing with Futura, customer service was great and my wolf king came in perfect condition along with the box (no horror story here). This Wolf King is a torque monster! Luckily there are many settings to choose from if you want to dial it back a bit. The fit and finish is top notch and my tire pressure was spot on at 45 psi. I am very satisfied. Cheers.

Jason J.

Baddest scooter on the market in my eyes. The wolf king is a beast period not for first time riders the scooter has great range even with my 210lb frame in been able to hit 52mph so far with a 8lb bag of you want an aggressive off road scooter look no further thanks again guys for a great scooter

Dana T.

I've ridden a lot of scooters and have the wolf king and a few others and I can say that the wolf king is the most stable thing by a long margin. I can hit potholes, bumps and go at speed and I always feel safe. Whereas I never feel safe on other scooters with bumps and pathway anomalies. So if you’re looking for safety and think you can restrain yourself from being an idiot with speed and don’t mind the lack of portability the wolf king is a good commuter choice.

Lynn G.

I've owned my Wolf about a month now and I've only charged it once when I first got it and have ridden 30+ miles and due to the regen. braking I still have 90% charge left, this thing is amazing!

Wright G.
Insanely fast scooter

It's a good sturdy built scooter it says it will handle 400lb rider weight. I'm a tall guy at 6'7" tall and about 330lb with 3-speed levels that I have tried. Speed 1 is cool speed 2 is still comfortable speed 3 will pick the front tire off the ground. I would tell anyone if you want a fast scooter this is the one you need to buy.