Hydraulic Disc Brake Kit


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This hydraulic oil e-scooter brake system is a top-rank quality brake system. You would get a braking system with offers much better-stopping force, is more durable, and instant response. But most important, safer as Hydraulic system is more reliable with zero maintenance of brake line. You only need to change pads when worn down
When installed the Hydraulic system is a complete closed system, moist and dirt cannot get into the brake line. You also don’t need to regularly adjust the brakes or face unresponsive brake power when your brake line got clogged with dirt and rust.

The brake lines are already pre-filled with brake fluid, so pay attention when installing not to let any out, or get air into the lines as it will make the brake unuseable. You would need to perform a complete bleeding of the system and some new mineral oil. if you mount on scooters with 160mm rotors, then you need to add some washers.
When you install and face issue, or after some time experience the hydraulic brake system will lose brake force, or the levers can move more the around 50-60% against the handlebar. This could be due to several reasons:
1. brake pads are worn down
2. Hydraulic brake line is not 100% sealed and fluid is leaking
3. Air has seeped into the hydraulic chamber.
If it’s not just your brake pads that need to be replaced. You would need to bleed the system.
Also, you need some good brake fluid, use mineral oil ( NOT SYNTHETIC). We recommend using Shimano mineral oil or another good brand.

Please be aware!
Newer use without the insert pushed between the pistons while handling or attempting to install this hydraulic brake system. It will damage the pistons sealing. And you need new calipers.

Also, pay attention to the olive fittings on the hose to the brake lever. It a one time compression use. You can use the olive again, you need a new olive.

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