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A more powerful version of the RX20 with 2x power and tons of impressive additions.

RX20 MAX arrives in mid-May

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1500W Dual Motor

45km/h Top Speed

100km Max Rang

48V 15Ah Battery

Disc Brake

Spring Shock Absorber

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Attractive & Stylish

Thoroughly crafted by engineers and designers.

A More Efficient And Smoother Travel Partner

Powerful motor and large capacity removable lithium battery make it stand out among ordinary electric bikes.

750W Brushless Rear Motor

The 48V 750W brushless motor for RX20 MAX , which is perfectly integrated with the controller to reduce friction. Let you enjoy a smoother and more efficient trip during your ride, and become your indispensable partner.

Dual Suspension Shock

The installed dual suspension shock will make your ride on this bike the most comfortable. the CMACEWHEEL RX20 MAX feels great when riding on rough roads. In addition, it can also handle off-road, sand and mud driving well as it is equipped with large wide wheels with off-road tires.

Dual Suspension Shock

The installed dual suspension shock will make your ride on this bike the most comfortable. the CMACEWHEEL RX20 MAX feels great when riding on rough roads. In addition, it can also handle off-road, sand and mud driving well as it is equipped with large wide wheels with off-road tires.

New Color LCD Instrument

The foldable electric bike -cmacewheel RX20 MAX is equipped with a new color instrument S2. As to speed display, it includes real-time speed “RT SPEED”, “MAX SPEED”, average speed “AVG SPEED” and Km/h or mile/h display can be set according to customer habits. It has an intelligent battery indicator that provides stable battery reminders through an optimization algorithm.

20X 4.0 Wide Tire

CMACEWHEEL RX20 MAX is designed for professional 4.0 wide tires, adding an extremely cut-resistant and wear-resistant material to the sidewalls of selected mountain tires. It is very suitable for driving on snow, mountain and rugged roads.

The bike is an effective blend of e-bikes and cyclocross bikes, with clear strains and an introduction to science fiction. The RX20 MAX is powered by a Dual 750W motor, and the lighter drive in the center will not affect the speed of the motorbike.

Pauline Campbell937K subscribers

This bike has some very interesting features and specs, some of which include its battery life, speed and capacity. Its price point was also a consideration for me, and if you use the link below, I think the overall experience of this bike is worth the purchase.

Kamuran Ozonaran44.9K subscribers

The new CMACEWHEEL RX20 MAX electric assist bike has a built-in 15Ah 48V power lithium battery that supports assisted riding over 100km to meet daily commuting needs. The assisted riding mode feels like your pedaling power is amplified, making riding easy, fun and safe.

Adam McCurdie19.6K subscribers

15ah Removable Battery With Invisible Design

The simple design and compact size of the RX20 MAX battery make the bicycle beautiful and generous. The 15ah concealed replaceable lithium battery is installed in the bicycle tube without protruding, and weighs only 2.4KG. It is one of the lightest battery packs on the market and is easy to install and disassemble. The battery adopts high-tech lithium battery technology, waterproof design, long cycle life, small size and light weight. Convenient transportation and safe use. It can travel more than 40KM on a single charge.

1500W Powerful Motor

48V 750W*2 Brushless Motors has high performance, more power, faster acceleration, and greater climbing ability. It is perfectly combined with the controller to reduce friction and make the electric bicycle run more smoothly and keep working more efficiently. Allow you to enjoy passionate rides on beaches, snow, mountain road, and outing. Its the first foldable fat tire electric bike which gets armed so high performance.

Full Suspension

The front and rear shock absorbers improve the bike’s traction, control and rider comfort, and are the best choice for ultimate performance. To help you ensure that your tires stay in contact with the ground when riding on rugged ground, bumps, and long distances to improve traction, instead of rebounding from bumps and losing grip, reducing the risk of making mistakes on rough terrain.

Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes

The front and rear disc brakes of the RX20 MAX are simple, fast and safe to operate. It is driven by a steel cable, just like a rim brake. When you pull the brake lever, it pulls the cable that extends to the brake caliper. The cable moves the lever on the caliper, pushing the piston. The piston pushes the brake pads towards the rotor, creating friction and stopping the bicycle.



Maximum Speed: 45km/h
Motor Power: 750W*2 ouput
Motor Type: Brushless gear hub motor
Gears: Shimano 7-Speed
Brake Type:  Mechanical disc brakes
Suspension: Spring shock absorber
Power Assist System: 5 gear power boost


Battery Type: 48V 15Ah Lithium-Ion
Travel Distance (Range): 100km
Working Temperature: -10~50°C
Input Voltage: 100-240V
System Voltage: 48V
Recharge Time: 9 hours


Display: LCD display
Product Weight: 27kg
Waterproof Rating: IP54
Dimensions(Unfolded): 172*92*122cm
Dimensions(Folded): 95*75*48cm


Tire Size: 20×4.0 inch
Tires: CST
Tire Type: Off-road tire

In The Box

1 x RX20 MAX Mopped Bike
1 x Charger
1 x Tool Kit
1 x User Manual

Reviews & Unboxing

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Unboxing Bici Elettrica Rx20 MAX con Doppio Motore da 750W e Velocità massima 56Km/h

Andrew Fiido ITALIA 15:34


Op Couponcom 6:25

CMACEWHEEL RX20 MAX Folding Electric Bike

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