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500W Motor

28Mph Top Speed

25 Miles Max Range

48V 13Ah Battery

Drum Brake & Disc Brake

Spring Shock Absorber

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Attractive & Stylish

Thoroughly crafted by engineers and designers.

Perfect Everyday Commuter

The BOGIST C1 PRO with great speed and excellent ride quality. It has adequate power to move you around comfortably and securely.

Powerful Electric Motor

A 500W motor with sufficient torque powers the C1 PRO to take it to the top speed of 28 mph quickly and safely, which means you can rocket across any terrain you throw at it.

Long Lasting Battery

The C1 PRO features a 48V 13Ah battery. The scooter is designed to get the maximum amount of juice from its battery. So, it gets a range of 25 miles while also giving a mind-blowing performance!

Spring Suspension

Spring suspensions effectively limit the impact of bumps and offer shock resistance to enhance the ride quality.

Top-Notch Braking System

With its efficient disc brakes & drum brakes coupled, stopping is no problem for the C1 PRO. All you’ve got to worry about is to press the brakes and leave the rest to the C1 PRO!

Folding Mechanism

The C1 PRO features a unique folding mechanism, making it very portable. It allows the scooter to be folded into a carrying size within just seconds.

LED Headlight

Bogist C1 PRO electric scooter features ultra-bright headlights with a range of up to 15 meters to enhance safety.

The BOGIST C1 PRO is a powerful e-scooter that demonstrates high performance, high quality, and reliability. The 600W electric motor allows for speeds up to 25KM/H. High capacity battery with a Max travel range of up to 40-45KM under specific conditions. This is the perfect scooter for everyday use either for work or pleasure, it’s made to take you to places quickly, comfortably and important of all, safely.

REYAN SIDDIQUIIgeekphone Editor

Efficient Personal Mobility

Bogist C1 PRO is motivated by a single 500W motor mounted on the rear wheel. This small unit is capable enough to provide the power needed to move you at 28 mph on the city streets and take you 25 miles on a single charge. The C1 PRO is the best scooter for people who want to travel short distances at speed to save time.

Optimized Suspension for Quality Ride

The C1 PRO is optimized from the ground up for performance. It ensures you a quality ride with its incredibly remarkable suspension that makes it breeze on any road. This urban electric scooter is, in fact, the epitome of performance!

Stop on a Dime

Featuring brakes on its front and rear tires along, this C1 PRO can stop efficiently. Moreover, with its 10-inch tires, it grips the road like no other e-scooter. All this means that you can experience its immense power without worrying about safety!

Portability at its Finest

You can easily carry it around or store it. It is the best solution for personal mobility for the people who have to move around town a lot.



Max Speed: 45km/h(28mph)
Max Range: 40km(25mi) 
Motor Power: 500W motor
Brake: Front drum brake and rear disc brake
Suspension: Front and rear spring shock absorber


Battery Type: 48V 13Ah Lithium
Charging Time: 7h
Working Temperature: -10~40°C
Hill Climbing Ability: 20 degree


Display: LCD smart display
Product Weight: 25kg(55lb)
Max Load: 150kg(330lb)
Dimensions(Unfolded): 119*45*116cm(47*18*46inch)
Dimensions(Folded): 119*45*43cm(47*18*17inch)
Lights: Front Headlights, rear brake light


Size of Tire: 10 inch
Material of Tire: Rubber
Type of Tire: Front pneumatic tires and rear vacuum tires

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