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A Sleek & Stylish Urban Commuter!

The Fiido X is the ultimate folding commuter electric bike that’s both portable and powerful. Weighing in at just 20kg, it’s easy to fold down in seconds and transport wherever you need to go. Its super-light magnesium alloy frame not only makes it lightweight, but also adds to its sleek and modern design. With the torque sensor, the Fiido X delivers a natural and responsive ride, while also conserving power to achieve an impressive range of 110km. It’s also equipped with dual hydraulic brakes, front and rear lights, a smart display with a USB charging port, and a numeric security lock. Moreover, the Shimano 7-speed system and anti-slip tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride, whether you’re commuting to work or going on a leisurely weekend ride. The Fiido X truly has everything you need in your ride!




Velocità massima

68 Mi

Gamma massima

36V 11.6Ah


Powerful, Reliable & Feature-Rich!

The Fiido X features a lightweight magnesium frame, a torque sensor, dual hydraulic brakes, front and rear lights, a smart display with a USB port, a numeric security lock, a Shimano 7S system, and more.

Traction-Optimized Tires

The 20x1.95" tires on the Fiido X are designed to provide a smooth and convenient ride on paved surfaces. With good traction, stability, and low rolling resistance, these anti-slip tires make it easy to navigate through the city with ease.

Hill-Climbing Gears

The Fiido X is equipped with Shimano's 7-speed transmission to provide additional assistance when riding uphill. This feature makes it easy to tackle steep inclines, allowing riders to conquer challenging terrain with ease.

Foldable Magnesium Frame

Weighing in at only 44lbs (20kg), the Fiido X is one of the lightest electric bikes available. Its lightweight and foldable magnesium frame makes it easy to carry and transport, while still providing a sturdy and reliable ride.

Superior Braking System

The Fiido X folding electric commuter bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels, providing exceptional stopping power and control. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can trust that the bike will stop on a dime, keeping you safe and in control.

Integrated Lighting for Safety

The Fiido X comes with both front and rear lights integrated into the bike, ensuring excellent visibility and safety when riding in low-light conditions. These bright lights not only help you to see better, but they also make it easier for other road users to spot you.

Display With Charging Port

With the Fiido X's handy display, you can easily monitor essential information such as battery level and speed, all while charging your devices via the USB charging port. This feature makes it easy to keep track of your bike's performance while staying connected on the go.

Ideal for City Riding

Equipped with 20×1.95″ tires for a smooth ride on paved surfaces and a 7-speed drivetrain from Shimano for assistance on inclines, the Fiido X is perfect for urban riding. It also features dual hydraulic brakes for exceptional stopping power, front and rear lights for increased visibility in low-light conditions, and a convenient display with a USB charging port to monitor your ride.

Portabilità impareggiabile

The Fiido X commuter electric bike can be quickly and easily folded down to minimal dimensions within seconds, making it incredibly convenient for storage and transportation. Whether you need to stash it in a small space or take it on public transportation, its lightweight and compact design make it a breeze to carry up stairs and onto trains.

Lightweight Magnesium Frame

The Fiido X folding electric commuter bike boasts a super-light magnesium alloy frame that weighs just 20kg (44 lbs). Its sleek, minimal design is both visually appealing and functional. Plus, the removable battery pack is stealthily placed in the seat tube and all wires are routed internally to provide a clean and streamlined look.

Innovative Torque Sensor Technology

The Fiido X folding commuter electric bike uses a torque sensor instead of the typical cadence sensing system, providing a natural, intuitive, smooth, and responsive ride. This technology ensures that the 36V 11.6Ah Lithium battery delivers an impressive 110km range, despite its compact size.

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