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Should I get an electric scooter for college?

You’ve just moved to college, and it’s time to figure out the best way of getting there. 

You could go by bicycle, but you want something faster than that. You could take public transportation, but that would make you late for class. A simple solution? Try an electric scooter.

Electric scooters are predicted to make around $41.98 billion in 2030! Being eco-friendly and fast, electric scooters are an ideal choice for college students to commute. They’re lightweight, compact, and come with a perfect combination of speed and range.

We’ve outlined all the pros, cons, and everything you need to know before buying an electric scooter for your college.


How to store your electric scooter as a college student in between classes?

The best bet is to lean an electric scooter up against the wall outside a classroom or take it inside if your professor allows.

Since you’re not on campus all day and probably use your electric scooter for quick commutes between classes, it doesn’t always make sense to park it in a campus parking lot. If you just need a place to leave it for class, the best spot is around the back of the classroom.

Another great option is to invest in a foldable electric scooter. Is there sufficient space under the desk or seat? You can put your e-scooter underneath there for easy reach or store it in a bag if it’s lightweight enough.

How can I prevent my electric scooter from being stolen?

The best way to keep your electric scooter from being stolen is to protect it with a reliable lock. Another option is to take the scooter inside your classroom to avoid theft.

While nothing is entirely theft-proof, the quality of locks varies; thieves can break some poorly made locks open in seconds with a hammer or screwdriver.

Invest in a high-end lock

Locks are vital because they keep opportunist thieves at bay.

Use a heavy chain and high-end locks to make it difficult for thieves to remove your device quickly.

Cable locks won’t do much here as they can easily be cut through with a wire cutter. On the other hand, chain locks provide better security as they need hacksaw or bolt cutters. It’s unlikely opportunist thieves will roam around carrying those tools.

Using a U-lock as it’s more reliable and practical to be on the safe side. If you use the correct size that leaves no space in between when fixed to an object, the thieves won’t be able to pop it out.

You can install a GPS tracker for additional security if your e-scooter doesn’t come equipped with it and use a tracking app to monitor its location.

Take your e-scooter inside the classroom

If you can convince your teacher to let you keep the scooter inside the classroom, you don’t have to worry about it getting stolen.

Try asking for permission before the lecture, so you can make arrangements in case they refuse.

Know where to park your electric scooter

Let’s suppose you don’t have enough space to store your e-scooter inside a classroom or you didn’t get permission from your teacher.

What’s next? You can still park your e-scooter in well-lit and highly visible places when possible, such as outside the dorm lobby or near campus police departments. Just make sure to secure it with a lock!

No one will try to steal your e-scooter when people are around due to the fear of getting caught.

riding an electric scooter with helmet and protective gear

How much protective gear would I need to wear?

To ensure your safety while riding an e-scooter, you must protect yourself with essential safety gear such as a helmet, gloves, and knee pads.

E-scooters can reach high speeds and retain their momentum for much longer than bicycles or skateboards, so they’re especially hazardous if you’re a newbie. Even if you’re a pro, you shouldn’t overlook the safety gears.

Moreover, since these vehicles travel on unpaved surfaces more often than bicycles or skateboards, including sidewalks, the risk of accidents is also higher.

As you can imagine, riding an e-scoot can be pretty dangerous if you aren’t prepared. As such, it’s crucial to follow all the standard protective gear guidelines: wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and gloves.

riding a black electric scooter on the street with helmet

Advantages of an electric scooter over a bike for a college student

An electric scooter is lighter and easier to ride, making it way more convenient than riding a bike or taking the bus for short trips. It can also be folded away or carried with one hand when not in use, unlike bikes.

There are many advantages of an electric scooter over a bike if you’re a college student.

Pros of having it for your college daily commute

  • Rechargeable and convenient
  • Cheap to use
  • Easy to store
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • No air pollution
  • Saves money on gas costs
  • Environmentally friendly

Cons of taking an electric scooter to college

Electric scooters can lead to accidents if proper safety measures aren’t followed. Moreover, purchasing it will cost a few hundred to thousand dollars with little to no resale value.

Although you don’t have to pay much for their upkeep, e-scooters are expensive to buy.

Besides that, there are some other drawbacks as well.



Cons of having it for your college daily commute

  • Risk of getting injured in case of an accident
  • Only beneficial for shorter distances

Taking an electric scooter to college can seem like a hassle-free and tedious way of getting from place to place. However, it’s not worth it for everyone.

What’s your commute like? Will you have to travel across campus, or will you only be on the scooter for less than a mile or two? If it’s more than two miles across campus, an electric scooter with a lead-acid battery might not be the best choice.

It wastes most of its battery power at high speeds and won’t last long enough to get to and from classes. However, new models of e-scooters now have lithium-ion batteries for greater range and power, available at a higher price.


Best electric scooter for college students

Choosing the right e-scooter can be tricky, especially with so many options available. Below is our top pick for college and in-campus commute.

Futuraride City X electric scooter (Under $600)

This e-scooter is an eco-friendly, affordable, and convenient one-time purchase available in two colors – black and white!

With its robust single motor, excellent brake system(electronic and manual), and two sleek tires, it is sure to be your new best friend when you need to move around campus.

The City X has excellent portability thanks to its lightweight and foldable design – you can put it under your desk while taking a class if your professor allows.

The speed is perfect for short distances without sacrificing range, running 19 miles before charging again. To specify, it comfortably goes up to speeds of 15m/hrs or 25km/hr!

You also have a LED display at the front that shows the remaining battery life.

You can get yours here >>>



College students are always on the go. From classes to parties and everything in between, they never stop moving.

But with all of those activities comes a lot of walking! An electric scooter is a solution for those days when even taking the bus seems too much effort.

With the proper precautions, it’s possible to have a lot of fun on an electric scooter. The most important thing is to stay safe and follow all traffic laws while having a good time.

Happy riding!

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