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How An Electric Scooter Will Change Your Life

Electric scooters have become more popular for many reasons. They seamlessly it into many people’s lifestyles and allow them to commute and have fun like never before. Previously, many people regarded the electric scooter as a gimmick, but attitudes are changing as their benefits are becoming more apparent.

Electric scooters are a handy, versatile, and fun way of getting around. In this post, we will highlight the reasons you should buy an electric scooter and how it could improve your life.

  1. They Are A Viable Method Of Commuting

When you look at the statistics for urban travel, the average journey is about 7.7 miles, and the average travel time is 1 hour 10 minutes. Therefore, the average speed of a commute is just 6.4 mph.

The commuters who have to travel at this snail’s pace could opt to ride a bike to work. But, arriving at the office hot and sweaty is not an attractive option for many people.

Another option is to walk to work, but more people would do it if walking was faster than public transport. If commuters chose to drive, they would still be stuck in traffic. But they would also have the issue of needing to find a parking space and pay for it.

An electric scooter is an ideal option for commuting to work. Even the slowest electric scooter can travel up to 15 mph, which is considerably faster than the urban traffic. Electric scooters give you the benefits of riding a bike without getting sweaty. They also allow you to travel much faster than you would if you made the same journey on foot.

Commuting with an electric scooter over a bike means that you don’t have to lock it up outside your workplace. It is common for cyclists to worry if their bikes will still be there at the end of the day.

You can simply fold up your electric scooter and carry into work, hide it under your desk, in a locker, or another safe place.

The speed of electric scooters means that they are fast enough for people to ride them in bike lanes while being small enough to ride on the pavement if needed.

Obviously, an electric scooter won’t suit everyone’s commute due to their location and the type of journey to and from work. However, many people could benefit from using an electric scooter as a faster way to get to work.

2. Electric Scooters Are Great For Recreation Time

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Electric scooters are not just reserved for urban commuting; many people use them for recreation. With this in mind, you may want to buy an electric scooter for its fun factor. You can use recreational scooters for commuting, which gives you the best of both worlds.

When you ride an electric scooter for the first time, you will be impressed by the acceleration and torque produced by the motor. It almost feels like you are surfing a wave of torque as you use the throttle. The motors are virtually silent, which adds to the sensation.

Recreational electric scooters are awesome fun to ride and are reasonably priced. The more expensive ones are more focused on speed and power. These scooters are heavier, but they are very capable of riding to different places and on different surfaces.
When you start comparing scooters such as the Kaabo Mantis with mountain bikes, it is good value for money, and you can have just as much fun on it. This scooter gives you fast acceleration, a top speed of around 45 mph, high-end brakes, and a range of approximately 50 miles, depending on how you ride it.

The ability to fold up a high-speed motorized vehicle and carry it in your car opens up many fun places to go and is an excellent addition to your lifestyle.

3. Electric Scooters Are Low Maintenance

All electric scooters have the added benefit of being very low maintenance. Their simplicity means that you don’t have to worry about rebuilding it every few weeks or too many things going wrong with it.

Electric scooters don’t have any fluids or oils to change, and the minimal moving parts don’t need replacing often. If you buy a quality electric scooter, it will be sealed from moisture and dirt.

4. Portable And Compact

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We touched on the compactness of electric scooters earlier, but this is one of the primary reasons people buy one. The fact that you can fold them up and safely put them away is an excellent feature for many people.

People that live in small apartments struggle for storage space, and more often than not, don’t have a garage or parking space. Therefore, the ability to carry their scooter into their apartment means that theft is not an issue.

You can also carry Electric scooters onto public transport thanks to their compactness. People use their scooters to complete the last mile or so from the bus stop or train station. By doing this, they can cut their journey time.

It is not just urban dwellers that enjoy the portability of electric scooters. Electric scooters are ideal for people who own boats, caravans, campers, etc. They can use them as a fun and convenient way to get around without using their car.

5. Electric Scooters Are Great For Your Wallet

Not all electric scooters are cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for. However, the cost of buying an electric scooter is much lower than a car, and the price of charging one up is next to nothing when compared to filling a car’s fuel tank.

When compared to using public transport, a scooter is much cheaper in the long run. Season tickets for buses and trains are becoming more expensive, so being able to avoid paying for them every year will save you money.

When you look at all the other expenses that come with car ownership, you can see that it all adds up. Tax, insurance, servicing and repairs are not cheap, especially if you are a younger driver. It is no wonder why more people are using electric scooters as their primary mode of transport.

6. Gets You Out In The Open Air

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Being cooped up in a car or on public transport can be a pretty depressing way to start and end your day. An electric scooter gets you out in the open air, which in itself is a great stress reliever.

But, the fun factor of whizzing along the roads and pavements inches off the ground is tremendous fun. It is the ideal way to switch off after a hard day at work and put you in a good mood in the mornings.

7. You Can Avoid Public Transport

Some people are not fans of public transport. The buses and trains in some cities are unpleasant and unreliable. But if you were to choose an electric scooter over public transport, you don’t have to worry about delays or an incompatible timetable.

Electric scooters allow you to get to work exactly when you need to and arrive home at a reasonable time. This makes your life much easier and gives you time to enjoy other things, instead of waiting for a bus.

When using public transport, it is often difficult to maintain social distancing. Riding an electric scooter allows you to stay socially distanced and independent while you commute.

8. Electric Scooters Are Eco Friendly

Most people like to do their bit for the environment, and riding an electric scooter is a great way to contribute. When riding one, they are not contributing to the poor air quality we experience in cities. When more people leave their cars at home and jump on electric scooters, urban air quality will improve immensely.

The carbon cost of producing and shipping an electric scooter is a fraction of a car’s. By reducing the number of cars on the road in favour of electric scooters, carbon emissions will decrease further.

This falls in line with many government initiatives for cities around the world. Many cities now have low emission zones, where it is expensive or impossible to drive into. Electric scooter riders are not affected by these restrictions.


These 8 reasons for buying an electric scooter are a good indication of why they will be a massive part of mobility in the near future. Why not join the movement and buy one for yourself? Check out our available products to find the best electric scooter for you.




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  1. Great article! And I agree with everything you said. Personally, I consider the electric scooter the best thing I purchased this year. It’s worth every penny. Plus it’s environment friendly so it’s a win-win for me. I will share this and invite others to join in. Thank you again!

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