ADO A20 is a foldable electric bike with a rear hub motor and a seven-speed gear set.

In this ADO A20 review, we will have a look at everything from the build quality of the bike to the features, range, and electronic equipment used on this unit. 

Frame – Extremely Strong, Incredibly Light 

Let’s start the A20 review by talking about its frame, the backbone that makes the bike what it is. This bike has an all-aluminum frame that weighs in at just 24 kg. 

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloys are what make this bike so strong yet so lightweight. The greatest thing about this frame is that you can fold it in the center to easily store and carry around the bike. 

The materials used in the construction of the frame of this bike are the same as all leading bikes in the market. 

a20 review

Motor – Powerful and Energy Efficient 

While most of the competing bikes in this price bracket offer a 250W motor, the ADO A20 has a 350W driver. This motor is mounted inside the rear hub which minimizes the number of moving components in the drivetrain, making the bike virtually maintenance-free. 

This motor is smaller than the one in the A20F model but is still enough to get the job done.

Range and Speed – Go Faster, Go Further 

The next thing that you might be interested in this ADO A20 review is how fast and how far this bike can go.

The maximum range of the A20 is 50 miles and it can move you at 22 mph. This bike is faster than the likes of DYU D3F and Himo D20 and a little faster than the 25mph top speed of the A20F model from ADO.

The extended range is made possible by a 36V 10.4AH battery. 

ADO A20 Review

Charging – Smart and Fast 

A20 battery has a smart charge controller built into it. You can juice up the battery in 4-6 hours. You don’t need to worry about disconnecting the charger as the built-in controller automatically shuts off charging once the battery is full.

Pedal Driving – Adjustable Transmission for All Riding Conditions 

Even if the battery of the A20 is exhausted on a trip, you don’t need to worry.

The pedals can still take you to your destination with minimal effort. The bike comes with a 7-speed Shimano transmission. You can choose the gear that meets your needs of speed or torque when cruising on a level road or going uphill.

Suspension – Stable and Comfortable 

The A20 rides on a set of hydraulic shock absorbers mounted in the front fork. These shocks are very carefully calibrated making the bike smooth enough to ride on any terrain yet keeping it firm enough to make the ride stable. 

Riding this bike you can feel that it floats over the bumps and irregularities of the road effortlessly and yet you never feel like the bike is unstable. However, the one thing that the suspension of this bike doesn’t have is a rear shock absorber. You can get that in the Fiido M1 Pro but that will cost more. 

ADO A20 Review

Wheels – Elegant and Functional 

ADO A20 rides on a set of 20” wheels. This wheel size allows the bike to absorb the bumps in the road effectively while maintaining nimble handling characteristics.

High-volume pneumatic tires and lightweight aluminum wheels make the bike even more comfortable. The tires play a vital role in absorbing bumps of the road. The six-axis design of the wheels also adds to the elegant looks of the bike. 

Another cool feature about the wheels is that they come with factory-fitted mudguards to make sure you do not mess up your attire while riding on a muddy road.

Brakes – Dependable and Durable 

When a bike goes to 22mph, the brakes better be good. To make sure that the bike is as good at stopping as it is in moving, it has disc brakes in the front and rear. Braking force distribution is so that the bike remains stable and maneuverable even under full braking.

These brakes are the same as the ones you’ll get on any e-bike in the market for a similar price point. 

Instruments – Smart and Easy to Understand 

All the controls and instruments of the bike have an ergonomic placement. They are easy to access and interact with.

The left side has the LCD display which shows the speed, battery charge level, and mileage of the bike. You can also find the horn and headlight flasher button, and the rear brake on this side of the handlebar.

On the right side of the handlebar, there is the gear selector and the front brake.

ADO A20 Review

Safety Features – Ensuring your Safety, Day and Night 

To make the bike visible at night, there are reflectors on the rear end and the pedals. In the front, you have a bright multi-LED light to illuminate the road ahead of you.

Getting ADO A20 

So, that was our A20 review!

If you want to buy A20, visit our online store. Futuraride offers this bike in all of Europe and America. The best thing about Futuraride is that you only have to pay the price of the bike. Shipping is free. 

If you want to check the rest of ADO lineup, you can do that here.

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