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1600W dobbeltmotor

31Mph Topfart

25 miles maksimal rækkevidde

48V 18Ah Battery


Hydraulisk fjederstøddæmper

Afspil video

Attraktivt og stilfuldt

Grundigt udformet af ingeniører og designere.

Incredible Urban Commuter

This scooter is a feat of performance and reliability at a bargain price. Its impeccable build offers versatility in riding experiences, both on city roads and some off-road terrain.

800W dobbeltmotor

It is powered by a powerful dual motor with a combined output of 1600W. The scooter can deliver a max speed of 30Mph on dual-mode, which also boosts its ability to tackle off-roading obstacles.

48V Lithium Battery

The Lightning scooter comes with a 48V 18A lithium battery that provides a maximum range of 35 Miles.

Hydraulisk fjederophæng

The Lightning relies on a dual C-type suspension system to make the ride smooth and comfortable. Spring suspensions effectively limit the impact of bumps and offer shock resistance to enhance the ride quality.

Electric & Disc Brakes

Uanset om du trækker lidt i bremserne eller slår hårdt på dem, er bremserne sikre på at stoppe scooteren pålideligt uden at påvirke førerens stabilitet for meget.


The front headlight is powerful enough to illuminate a wide projection. Simultaneously, the braking and turn lights enhance safety by ensuring enough visibility from trailing traffic.

The Lightning is one of the peppiest electric scooters we’ve tested to date. It’s an impressive ride with loads of torque, good range and a respectable 30 mph top speed. It excels at commuting on paved roads, but of course you could still take the Lightning on some light off-road trails as well.

Elektrificerede anmeldelser31K abonnenter

The Lighting is a powerful and fast e-scooter. A light-weight design, impressive driving range, surprisingly smooth riding experience, absolutely NO punctures, easy transportation and storage for budget-conscious customers. It is packed with style and performance, enough to give its high-budget successor, D6+, a run for its money.

Brett Rediger

Great electric scooter, pretty affordable, a great option if you are on a tight budget and still need those cool features that you see on high-end models, it's also really compact and relatively lightweight.

Igor Syunin2K abonnenter

High-Performance Motors

This Lightning motor boasts two powerful 800W motors with a top speed of 30mph. Comes with a 48V 18A Lithium battery that provides a maximum range of 25 Miles. Acceleration is also up to the mark in this scooter because it has sheer power and is lightweight.

Comfortable & Stable Ride

With effective dual C type spring suspension, solid low tyres, and dual-drive mode, the Lightning delivers unmatched ride quality. The narrow 8-inch wheels offer a low centre of gravity for enhanced stability and improved scooter handling.

Multiple Riding Modes

You can choose between single and dual motors or eco and turbo modes. Single motor eco mode is the one you want to use when cruising on a level road to get a longer range. Dual motor turbo mode extracts maximum motivation from the scooter and makes you accelerate faster. It comes in handy when you are climbing steep hills.

LEDs to Illuminate Your Path

The Lightning has a bright LED floodlight in the front and an LED brake light in the back. Standard turn signals and bright side-skirt lights make the scooter visible from all directions, ensuring full safety for you to roam around city streets at night.

Foldable & Easy to Carry

The nice knob locking mechanism makes it very easy to fold the Nanrobot Lightning in half, load it into your truck. And then fast and easy to unfold the handlebar and lock it down tight and zip off away. This means you can easily carry this scooter in public transport while traveling anywhere.



Maksimal hastighed: 50 km/t (31 mph)
Max. rækkevidde: 40 km(25mi)
Motoreffekt: 800W*2 motor
Bremse: Skivebremse for og bag
Suspension: C-type with front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorbers


Batteritype: 48V 18Ah Lithium-Ion
Opladningstid: 8-10h(4-5h with 2 chargers)
Arbejdstemperatur: -10~50°C
Evne til at klatre op ad bakke: 30 grader


Visning: LCD smart display
Produktvægt: 30kg(66lb)
Maksimal belastning: 120kg(265lb)
Dimensioner (ufoldet): 115*30*125cm(45*12*49inch)
Dimensioner (foldet): 115*30*51cm(45*12*20inch)
Lys: Headlights, front beam lights, led lights, brake lights, turn signal

Hjul og dæk

Dækstørrelse: 8 tommer
Dækmateriale: Gummi
Dæktype: Wide wheel solid tires

Anmeldelser og udpakning

Learn what the pros are saying about the Lightning

Igor Syunin 9:51


Ben Schmanke 7:39

8″ Wide-Wheel Electric Scooter! Nanrobot Lightning

NOBLEX Solutions 8:27


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Baseret på 4 anmeldelser
Royal K.

Love it so much. Ripping fast and great handling, Lots of torque and can easily accelerate up steep hills. I made a wrong turn and ended up on a dirt trail that winded up a pretty steep hill. It did great I used 1st gear two wheel drive in economy mode. You will get better than stated range of you stay in economy mode as much as possible.


I recently bought the Nanrobot Lightning for work. I fell completely in love with my Lightning. Why I chose Lightning not D6+ is that I want a scooter with solid tires. How wonderful I needn't replace a flat tire!

pretty good

This little guy is small yet might! It is fast, safe, and simple. But I have to say, I more like the pneumatic tires, which can do better in shock absorbing. This one is performing well with solid tires though, I just more into the pneumatic tires.

love, love, love

I really like the scooter! The horn is fair loud, yet not too harsh, definite not quite, which I appreciate. I think the horn is a safety feature because you ever need to catch some reckless drivers’ attention. I also really like the mental rear fender for putting my foot up. And there is a handle for carrying around, a nice design that convenient my life. Again, I do love this scooter!