NANROBOT D6+ Electric Scooter

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  • Key Specs
    2000W Dual Motor
    40Mph Top Speed
    52V 26Ah Battery
    37 Miles Max Range
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2000W Dual Motor

40Mph Top Speed

37 Miles Max Range

52V 26Ah Battery

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Hydraulic Spring Shock Absorber

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High-performance & Comfort

Dual-motor, dual suspension. that brings off-road performance into the urban environment.

City And Off-road Beast

From its massive battery and dual motor to its solid brake system and innovative LED lights, this machine is armed to the teeth to tackle any urban and/or off-road terrain.

1000W Dual Motor

Packs dual-drive 1000W electric motors, offering the peak power of 3200W. This machine can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph.

52V 26Ah Lithium Battery

This scooter comes with a massive 50V 26Ah battery. With such power, this machine can travel 40 miles on a single charge.

Hydraulic Spring Suspension

The D6+ can manage all rough or bumpy terrains, thanks to its top-notch dual suspension.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The high-performance machine comes with electronic and hydraulic brakes that deliver near-instant halts.

Bright Lights

This electric scooter from Nanrobot comes with various integrated lights to illuminate your path and signal other motorists on the road.

The D6+ is a hell of a machine, a like for like scooter to the Kaabo Mantis range with almost identical features. Boasting Dual 1000W motors providing 2000W (3200W Peak) Watts of power which generates up to 40 mph! In summary, the D6+ is a fast, durable and sturdy electric scooter that you can rely on for both urban and short trips out of town!

Jake Billing316K subscribers

The Nanrobot D6+ folding electric scooter is a true 40 mph folding electric scooter that flies down the pavement at panic-inducing speeds and glides over single tracks like a full-suspension mountain bike. The D6+ comes stock with full suspension, an integrated headlight, two hub motors, a telescoping stem, and strong electronic braking and hydraulic disc brakes. This machine is ready to tackle practically any urban environment and some light off-road trails too.

Electrified Reviews31K subscribers

Designed and developed based on feedback from thousands of scooter riders from all over the world, the D6+ is one of Nanrobot’s most refined and powerful electric scooters. This elegant, sturdy and dynamic scooter packs impressive features that allow it to yield top performance on any terrain. From its massive battery and dual motor to its solid brake system and innovative LED lights, this machine is armed to the teeth to tackle any urban and/or off-road terrain.

Daniel Edit

Control In Your Hands

Using the single motor (eco) mode can extend the range of the scooter by almost three times. This translates to a maximum driving range of 40 miles, which is more than enough to get you through a couple of days.

Performance That Thrills

The D6+ packs dual-drive 1000W electric motors, offering the peak power of 3200W. If you want to ride the scooter to climb a hill or do some other off-road sports, the dual high-power mode will always surprise you. This machine can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph.

Comfortable and Safe Suspension

It has a dual hydraulic suspension. The dual hydraulic spring-damper combination makes your ride comfortable when you are on city streets and stable when you are off-road.

Stops Where You Want

Nanrobot D6+ has dual hydraulic disc brakes with EBS. EBS does not only makes the scooter safer when under full braking force, but it also acts as regenerative brakes to use the energy otherwise lost in braking to charge the battery. This helps save the battery while also making the scooter stop safely when and where you want it to.



Max Speed: 65km/h(40mph)
Max Range: 60km(37mi)
Motor Power: 1000W*2 motor
Brake: Front and rear hydraulic disc brake/Mechanical disc brake
Suspension: Front and rear hydraulic spring shock absorber


Battery Type: 52V 26Ah
Charging Time: 10-12h(5-6h with 2 chargers)
Working Temperature: -10~50°C
Hill Climbing Ability: 30 degree


Display: LCD Smart Display
Product Weight: 35kg(77lb)
Max Load: 150kg(330lb)
Dimensions(Unfolded): 131*26*133cm(52*10*52inch)
Dimensions(Folded): 131*26*53cm(52*10*21inch)
Lights: Led headlights, sidelight, and rear signal lights

Wheels & Tires

Size of Tire: 10 inches
Material of Tire: Rubber
Type of Tire: Pneumatic off-road tire

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Stanley V.
Great scooter for under 2000

This scooter is amazing! Got my scooter in 3 days from ordering. Only issue was my front fender was a little Miss formed but with some strength got it to fit. Scooter rides smooth and strong. Battery life could be a little better, but still not an issue. Overall very happy with my d6.

Bancroft J.

I received my D6 scooter a week ago. It is way better than expected. It is so much fun. The charger would not charge the battery completely. I Emailed Futura. They got back to me within an hour. They sent me a new charger. Great customer service!!

Royal S.
I'm very happy with my D6+

OMG This is everything that I expected and more. The performance is insane, the led lights at night make it look so slick and beautiful. The clearance is outstanding making it very versatile to go up and down the sidewalk. I thought going at 40 MPH would be scary in this but it was shockingly stable. My only critique would be the poor choice of materials for the mudflaps.

Hubery W.
Although this scooter is great

This scooter is greatAlthough this scooter is great and a perfect for me. There are some things it needs to improve on. The rear lighting should have turn signals and be more visible in day time. Also the rubber gasket Tht goes underneath the deck cover somehow comes loose and gets exposed while still being fastened underneath deck cover, quite and anomaly of sorts. Read more about review stating Although this scooter is greatut other than those things I touched on the scooter is undeniably one of the best on the current market.

Best suspension!

As far as the Nanrobot D6+ goes nice. I can definitely hit 42mph. The range under full power/turbo mode is closer to 25 miles. Build quality is top-notch. Suspension is the best I've tried on a scooter. The deck is very wide, perfect for two feet to fit well. I went with oil brakes this time. So much better than cable brakes!