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Can You Get Fit On An Electric Bike?

Many people who are not initiated into the world of electric bikes see them as cheating. They suggest that motor assistance makes riding an electric bike too easy, and you can’t possibly use one to get fit. But, these people are mistaken, so we will finally answer the question of can you get fit on an electric bike? You will learn all the ways an electric bike enhances your mental and physical health.

Electric Bikes Are An Excellent Cardio Workout

Riding an electric bike requires the rider to put effort into the pedals. As the pedals turn, the motor engages to amplify your efforts. But how much assistance you get depends on the mode you select. You can choose a high assistance level to make your ride easy, or you can choose a lower assistance level. Lower assistance levels require you to put more power into the pedals. Therefore, you can turn an electric bike ride into a great cardio workout.

Even with a high assistance level, you are physically moving, which raises your heart rate. Riding an electric bike in any assistance level will improve your cardiovascular health. So, people who go shopping, commute or run errands on an electric bike improve their cardio health each time they ride.

Science Agrees

study completed by the Brigham Young University in Utah monitored a group of experienced mountain bikers. They rode a 7-mile route on traditional mountain bikes and then did the same loop on electric mountain bikes. 

When they rode the electric mountain bikes, they hit 94% of the average heart rate on their regular mountain bikes. The main difference was that they completed the loop much faster. The study confirms that you can still get a great electric cardiovascular workout even with assistance from an electric motor.

You Can Ride For Longer On An Electric Bike

Can You Get Fit On An Electric Bike? - 1The help you get from the electric motor allows you to go for longer rides. Not only does this improve your endurance, but it increases your metabolism. The medium intensity exercise of riding an electric bike for a long time increases your resting metabolism rate. Someone with a high metabolism burns more calories daily.

Also, spending more time on your bike is fun. Longer rides are fun and introduce you to new places and cycling routes.

Riding Electric Bikes Is Good For A Good Night’s Sleep

When you are not experiencing stress, you can sleep much better at night. Electric bikes are excellent stress relievers, as exercise and fresh air are great for mental health. Getting any intensity of exercise while in fresh air is a great mood booster. Consequently, this lack of stress allows you to sleep better. Those who ride electric bikes for exercise have more chance of getting a good night’s sleep than those who only walk for exercise.

Other Mental Health Benefits Of Electric Bikes

Other than boosting your mood and improving your sleep, riding an electric bike improves your mental health in other ways.

The more you ride your electric bike, the fitter you will get and the better you will perform. When you start to see results, your self-esteem will improve, encouraging you to do more. The exercise also releases endorphins into your system, which is the natural chemical that makes you happy.

Often people are stressed due to money issues. But using an electric bike to commute instead of a car or public transport saves you lots of money. When you compare the expenses associated with a car and an electric bike, an electric bike becomes very attractive. Fuel costs, insurance, tax and maintaining a car are all expensive. Swapping a car for an electric bike costs just a fraction of the cost of running a car. The extra cash you save can go a long way to reduce your stress levels.

Commuting on an electric bike is an excellent way to start your day at work. You don’t need to battle with traffic or get stressed out by unreliable public transport. You can arrive at precisely the right time, ready to be productive. When it comes to your ride home, you can de-stress with a fun bike ride. Whizzing past inner-city traffic to get home quicker is much more appealing than sitting in the traffic. 

Riding electric bikes also gives many people independence to get out and about. They have an easy way to visit friends and family in their spare time. Also, group rides are ideal for improving your social life. If your fitness level isn’t great, riding an electric bike will bridge the gap between the people’s fitness levels in your group. 

Good mental health is essential for our happiness. But, this is enhanced further as a good state of mind makes us more productive and creative.

Electric Bikes Are Excellent For Low Impact Exercise

When you compare riding an electric bike with high impact activity such as running, there are some apparent differences. Riding an electric bike uses a smooth motion to turn the pedals while running consists of relentless pounding. Running can be bad for your knees, thanks to the shock. But you don’t get shock from riding electric bikes unless you are riding gnarly terrain on an electric mountain bike.

The low impact nature helps older people and those with mobility issues to get fit on an electric bike. When they first get their new electric bike, they can use a high assistance level. But, as they get fitter and stronger, they can use lower assistance levels to boost their fitness further.

Electric bikes are also great for rehabilitation. Anyone recovering from an injury can use an electric bike to get stronger without overstressing themselves. They can use the motor to move with as much or as little effort as they require. Also, if they feel they have done too much, they can ride home using the throttle mode, so they can rest their legs.

Electric Bikes Help You To Build Muscle

Pushing the pedals on an electric bike will build muscles, even though you get help from the motor. The extended time you can ride an electric bike means your legs are moving for longer. When your muscles are working for longer periods of time, they get stronger. Long rides also improve your stamina, which is something that will transfer into other aspects of your life.

When you ride an electric bike, you work more than just your legs. Your core also gets a workout. As you pedal, you are holding yourself in a particular position, and over time this makes your supporting muscles stronger. As your core gets stronger, you will find that your riding will become much easier. Your core acts as a platform that you push from to rotate the pedals. The stronger this platform, the more efficient your pedalling will be.

Electric Bikes Encourage You To Ride More

Can You Get Fit On An Electric Bike? - 3Sometimes the high intensity of riding a traditional bike can put you off riding it. But, an electric bike encourages you to ride more, as it can be less tiring and more appealing. Therefore, you are more likely to get out on your electric bike are enjoy its benefits.

As we have highlighted, you can ride much further on an electric bike, but it also makes you feel more capable of pushing your limits. If you feel like you have done enough exercise mid-ride, you can select a higher assistance level and take it easy for the rest of your ride.

If you ride an electric mountain bike, you will feel more confident about exploring new terrain. You will be able to get to previously inaccessible areas and know you can ride them safely. 

You may enjoy commuting on an electric bike much more than on a regular bike. Getting to and from work on an electric bike is much more accessible. You can take it easy on your journey to work, so you can arrive fresh, without getting sweaty. But, you can get a more intense workout on the way home with a lower assistance level if you wish.

Can You Get Fit On An Electric Bike? – Answered!

As you can see, there are many health benefits of riding an electric bike. By riding one regularly, we can improve both our mental and physical health. Leading an active lifestyle is vital for preventing age-related illnesses and staying happy.

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