Who said electric bikes are only fit for city commuting? With these best long-range electric bikes, you can ride at full power anywhere you want.

Recently, the long-range electric bikes market has seen a remarkable increase in interest and inquiry. With new brands launching their own takes on the long-range electric bike each month, it’s getting harder to decide which one is right for you.

Top 5 Best Long Range Electric Bikes You Can Find

Fiido D11 Electric Bike

Why We Picked It

Fiido D11 is the first e-bike to come out of Fiido. The first thing you’ll notice with D11 is how light it feels, weighing only 17.5kg, which means you can ride this e-bike without breaking your back. It also gives you the option of carrying it into your office or your house if you live in a fifth-floor apartment.

Who Should Use It

If you are looking to bring a small-form mid-drive system into a smart and capable city e-bike, while still keeping the price low, Fiido’s D11 is for you. While it is more expensive than a regular pedal-assist bike, you get a lot of quality for your bucks.


Pros: The Fiido D11 uses an innovative non-motorized design with a low center of gravity to minimize the risk of tipping over. Its lightweight and compact design also make it easy to transport, so it’s great for commuters.

Cons: The electrically assisted bicycle has a compact electric motor in the rear wheel, which provides great torque for climbing slopes and better energy efficiency, however, other models in the market offer better power in the same price range.

Fiido M1 Pro Electric Bike

Why We Picked It

Pneumatic tires include infrastructure. The inflatable rubber core featured in pneumatic tires, which has good elasticity and air-tightness features, can keep the tire’s volume stably. And the excellent performance of buoyancy provided by pneumatic tires means that the M1 pro electric bicycle offers you a comfortable and safe ride. The innovative design of sidewalls with solid structure ensures excellent impact strength of 3 inches thick off-road tire.

Who Should Use It

The Fiido M1 Pro is a trail electric mountain bike for nature lovers who want to ride it on dirt roads, across rivers, and through forests. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and a low-rise handlebar with a comfortable foam grip, a powerful 500W motor, a 7-speed Shimano gear shift system, and its top speed is 25 mph.


Pros: Whether you are cycling nearby or cycling off-road at the mountain, the suspension is one of your best allies. While some types of vehicles (like cars) don’t offer suspensions for vehicles, an e-bike like Fiido M1 Pro has front and rear suspensions to give comfort and safety to the rider. The full suspension dynamic shock absorbers on this bike will give a great smooth riding experience on any terrain.

Cons: Fiido M1 Pro electric bike is not only beautiful and the material which makes the wheels and alloy rim, but also gorgeous and exquisite appearance. All of these factors make the M1 Pro different from other ordinary electric bikes.

Most Balance: Fiido D4S Electric Bike

Why We Picked It

Not only is the D4S incredibly convenient, it’s also super fun to ride. Furthermore, the D11 is an ideal urban commuter, because of its foldable frame and lightweight, making it incredibly convenient.

Who Should Use It

If you are always in a rush- this is for you. Imagine taking just 10 seconds to fold and unfold the bike? The D4S does exactly that. It is completely stress-free when placed in a car trunk, metro, or bus.


Pros: Normal bikes are uncomfortable. Constructed with the best materials, the Fiido D11 electric bike should feel very comfortable. The highlight of the Fiido D4S is its massive 20-inch pneumatic tire, which can reach 1.75 inches in width. Riders feel effortless while riding through terrifying terrain with the help of this tire.

Cons: You may be concerned by the limited range of Fiido bicycles, but this is a non-issue: 80 miles is more than enough for every kind of trip.

Fiido D21 Electric Bike

Why We Picked It

The Fiido D21 is a powerful and fun electric bicycle with the extended range of a standard bicycle. In addition to its 250W electric motor, this bicycle has a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that can be removed for charging indoors. Fiido D21, which is the improved version of the acclaimed Fiido D20 model, doesn’t require a license to operate and can be ridden on both paved and unpaved surfaces. The D21 e-bike is equipped with an additional torque sensor, making riding more comfortable and safer.

Who Should Use It

If you are looking for the perfect urban commuting solution, this e-bike targets those who go to work, those who commute between the city and whatever else, or those who simply want to ride and want no more than that.


Pros: The torque sensor monitors the force applied to the pedal and adjusts the amount of power to the motor, so that the bike’s handling is improved, making it more safe and enjoyable.

Cons: The D11 body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, and it’s light. It’s light without compromising its performance. And it’s ergonomic without compromising its comfort.

Fiido D3 PRO Electric Bike

Why We Picked It

A lot of individuals are choosing to commute by bike, with the hope of creating a positive impact on the environment. If commuting by bike, is something you are interested in, you may want to take a look at Fiido D3 Pro electric bike.

Who Should Use It

If you are the type of person who’s always on the go- then this is your dream come true. The battery in the frame and configured with a maximum capacity of 7.5Ah, which provides a max range of 37 Miles. On top of that, it only takes 4 hours to fully charge.


Pros: The bike’s frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and weighs only 18 kilograms, which can be lifted with one hand. The handlebars can be folded into the trunk, making it easier to carry on the road.

Cons: Using a brushless gearless motor, the D3 PRO Electric Bike offers greater endurance than the normal brushless gearless motor. It can easily overcome steep roads and uphill slopes with very low energy consumption. However, with this price range, you can find a higher motor spec in the market.

Product Selection Process

Battery Range

On many bikes, range and speed are more important than total power. You want a bike that will be able to last long enough on a single charge for your daily rides at the speeds you want. You want a bike that delivers a range long enough for your rides at the power levels you want.

Some models are small enough to fit in your pocket, but they have less battery capacity, which means they won’t go as far on a charge.

Design & Quality

E-bike designs out in the market can vary. You choose a design that would show off your personality with tons of options to choose from. More importantly, the quality of the bike should be mainly considered.

Choosing The Right eScooter


While riding an electric bike is fun, it does weigh more than an ordinary bike. You’ll likely need to carry it onto trains or into cars. If you’re buying an e-bike, be sure to take into account the extra weight. Electric bike comes in various sizes and design, so choose a model that not only suits your style, but your preference of comfortability as well.


Better bikes can be expensive, but for a good reason. Being an investment into your comfort and health, they should last longer than cheap models. So you have this confidence, that by buying a good-priced electric scooter, you are looking at a long-term investment for your ride. Fewer complications, and more durable than cheaper models.

Where Do You Plan to Ride Your Bike?

Terrain and motor power are important factors to consider when choosing an electric bicycle. If you’ll mostly use it for commuting, then a lower-powered electric bicycle might suit your needs. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an e-bike that will go farther than most without spending too much, then you should consider “mountain” bikes with medium to large motors.

Battery Capacity

Lithium-ion batteries usually last about three years. If you commute every weekday, that’s about 800 full charge cycles. Lithium-ion batteries in careful use can survive longer than two thousand half-charge cycles. More expensive e-bikes have higher-tech batteries that charge quickly and last longer. Batteries degrade over time, holding less charge as they age.

The longer the maximum range, the more time you will be able to ride without recharging. Generally, a higher capacity battery also equates to a longer maximum range.

If your electric bike’s battery is separate from the motor, there are some quick and easy ways to move it closer to a mains socket so you can charge it.

Motor Mount

There are two main types of motor assists. One is in the wheel, called hub motors, and one is at the bottom of the frame, called crank motors. Crank-based systems are known for effective hill-climbing, but they can be noisy. Hub motors often don’t climb hills as well, but they are quiet. Generally, you should get a brand with a good reputation.

Frame Quality

Most e-bike available frames are made of aluminum, though you can get your hands these days on a full range of frame options (from carbon fiber to steel).

An electric bike is usually heavier than a traditional bike, but it will have a motor to assist you in pedaling so that you can still get up hills. However, a lighter bike will still be more maneuverable than a heavier one, even though it might feel less stable at higher speeds.



How long does the battery last on an electric scooter?
Electric scooters have varied battery capacity. A battery for an electric scooter will normally last 2 to 3 years, or 300 to 500 full charge cycles. The battery’s lifespan is extended when it is used responsibly.
Is it worth it to buy an electric scooter?
Electric scooters are the ideal and stylish partner for all city commuters trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle of city life. Instead of destroying natural resources in the name of fuel, the E-scooter starts and runs on energy or electric charge. Its light and portable design allows you to take it with you wherever you go. Additionally, e-scooters require a minimal amount of maintenance. On top of that, electric scooters have no parking fees, so you can easily travel and park. The electric scooter’s affordability element is within budget, allowing you to save money on operation and maintenance.
Can you ride an electric scooter in the rain?
Depending on your model, you can ride it in mild rain showers as long as your scooter has an IP54 rating. Riding in heavy rain, freezing rain or other poor weather conditions is not recommended.

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