Are electric scooters the future?

Are Electric Scooters The Future?

With more electric scooters appearing on our streets and the increased chatter in the media, it is clear that a trend is emerging. But are electric scooters the future, or are they just a fad?

A big factor that will influence the future of commuting on an electric scooter will depend on the city you live in. The culture and terrain of your city will make a difference, as will the climate.

But, in general, electric scooters are designed to enhance people’s lifestyles. In this post, we will highlight the most significant reasons electric scooters could be the future of urban transport for many people.

1. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

For those that are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, electric scooters will significantly help. Obviously, carbon is produced in the manufacture and transport of the scooter from the factory and when charging it. However, this has much less impact on the environment than a car.

Electric scooters do not produce any emissions. So the more people leaving their cars at home in favor of riding electric scooters, the better inner-city air quality will be.

Many governments have created initiatives to improve air quality in urban areas. One way they want to do this is by encouraging people to use sustainable means of transport. Electric scooters are the perfect solution to meet these government requirements. Therefore, there is a good chance they will become even more popular in the future.

People who commute on electric scooters will be happy that they are contributing to positive change while still getting to work every day. On top of this, they will save lots of money by not commuting in their car.

2. Dodge Traffic Jams

Many cities are at gridlock every morning and evening. For example, the average speed of a car in London is 4mph. Sitting for hours in traffic every day is tedious or stressful, and it often makes people late for work.

Electric scooters can use the cycle lanes, which bypass all the traffic jams on your route. Cities are becoming more accommodating for electric scooters and bikes as they recognize their potential for moving people around.

Using London as an example. By the end of 2020, Transport For London had built 100 miles of cycle lanes and developed plans to create more. So we can see that cities are already improving their infrastructure to allow people to use micro-mobility vehicles.

3. Avoid Public Transport

are electric scooters the future? - bus

In the past, we have been encouraged to use public transport to reduce traffic in cities and our carbon footprint. However, with the pandemic, we are now urged to socially distance from one another.

There are many cities with excellent public transport solutions, but socially distancing on them is not possible or practical. Therefore, many people want other ways of getting around cities. Electric scooters are the perfect solution to commuting while social distancing.

In addition to this, you are not locked into sticking to the bus or train timetable. Often people get to work very early or very late, thanks to public transport.

With an electric scooter, you can leave home, leaving enough time to get to work when you are supposed to. As an extra advantage, you are not at the mercy of public transport problems you have no control over.

4. Arrive At Work Looking As Fresh As When You Left Home

A traditional bike will allow you to do all the things we have already highlighted. But, often, commutes involve hills, fast sprints on the pedals to get around traffic, and hot weather in the summer.

All these make you hot, sweaty, and tired on a bike. However, an electric scooter will allow you to arrive at work still looking fresh. You don’t need a change of clothes either, as you don’t have to exert yourself, you can just commute in your work clothes.

5. There Are Many Advantages Of An Electric Scooter’s Portability

are electric scooters the future? - portability

Many people use their scooters as “last mile transport”. They use a bus or train for a significant part of their commute and use their electric scooter to finish their journey to work or home.

They are able to do this due to their electric scooter’s portability. Scooters can be folded up to a compact size that doesn’t get in the way on the bus or train.

Other commuters drive their car to the city’s outskirts and take their electric scooter out of their car to complete their commute. The other advantage of loading a scooter into the car is that you can take it places to have fun and explore new places at the weekends.

One of the advantages an electric scooter has over a bike is that you can take it inside when you get to work. Most of the time, you need to leave your bike locked up outside your workplace, which leaves it very accessible to bike thieves, even with a good lock.

But, with an electric scooter, you can take it inside and find somewhere to store it safely. You can even charge it up while you work, ready for your return journey.

The compact size of an electric scooter makes it easy to store at home too. Often people that live in cities live in small apartments with not much storage space. A scooter can be stashed under a bed or in a wardrobe when not in use.

6. Electric Scooters Are Very Capable

Electric scooters can be very fast, depending on the model you ride. Most electric scooters are limited to 20mph, but you can buy ones such as the Futura Zero 11X that can reach 60mph!

The speed of an electric scooter is much faster than the traffic at rush hour. They allow you to easily keep up and overtake cars on your commute.

No matter what scooter you ride, it will slow down when riding up steep hills. But, they have enough power to make your hilly commute effortless.

Some scooters are built for just riding smooth surfaces, which is great if your commute doesn’t involve rough terrain. However, some electric scooters are very versatile, in where they can ride.

If your route to work has some rough surfaces, a scooter like the Kaabo Wolf King may surprise you. Its chunky off-road tires and full suspension design will let you ride on uneven surfaces while making riding on paved roads even smoother.

7. Safe And Reliable

are electric scooters the future? - safe

Not being able to get to your destination due to a technical fault is very frustrating. It can also be dangerous if you are in a bad part of town.

Electric scooters don’t have much that goes wrong with them due to their simple design. The level of maintenance required is much less than a bike and a car. You just need to clean it regularly and keep the bolts tight.

Many electric scooters used for commuting are made safer with powerful brakes to help you avoid hazards. Also, they often come with bright LED lights to enhance your visibility in low light conditions. Being visible to traffic and being able to see obstacles is very important.

8. Electric Scooters Are Fun

Many people spend lots of time commuting every day in their cars, and most of the time, they are not even moving. The boredom of commuting is eliminated by electric scooters. Whizzing along, experiencing a smooth ride with putting in zero effort is a great feeling.

The speed of an electric scooter, combined with its maneuverability, gives you a sense of freedom, even if you are on your way to your desk job. This feeling of freedom is an excellent stress reliever when your workday is done too. Being in the outdoors is good for us, which is not an advantage we get with our cars.

Why not make your commute fun and entertaining while everyone else is stressing out in their cars, knowing they will be late?

9. Electric Scooters Save You Money

are electric scooters the future? save money

Some electric scooters may not seem cheap to buy, but when you compare their price with buying an electric bike or car, there is a huge difference.

The running costs of electric scooters are a fraction of electric bikes and cars too. These running costs easily offset the initial purchase price over time.

Also, by switching from public transport to riding an electric scooter, you can save money. Buying bus and train tickets adds up, while a scooter is a one-time purchase, and charging it up costing pennies.

Final Thoughts

Electric scooters are a big trend right now and becoming more popular every day. There is no sign that their popularity is going to go away any time soon.

Many people and governments realize that electric scooters are becoming a necessity of modern urban life. When you compare them to cars, busses, trains, and traditional bikes, they have many advantages. They are better for the environment, reduce travel time, save money, and are easy and fun to ride.

Therefore, it is difficult to see why electric scooters can not be the future of urban transport.

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